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It's the politicians who are to blame

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:16 PM

News you won't get from liberal media.

Do you know that on a $4 gallon of gas the government takes in taxes $0.61 and those greedy oil companies make $0.24? (Figures approximate) So out of $4 you spend, the governments' share, for just being there, is 15 percent and the oil companies share is six percent. The oil companies are those dirty rotten scoundrels who are ripping us off! The government is our benevolent, loving caretaker.

Barak Obama on June 11 said that the price of gas at $4 per gallon is not the problem. The problem is that it has just risen too quickly.

John McCain is no better. Both he and Barak are for the latest cap-and-trade legislation that the E.P.A. estimates would add $1.50 to the cost of a gallon of gas, and also create several layers of governmental bureaucracy.

They both are against drilling oil off our coast, in the Arctic, in North Dakota, or allowing the development of resources for getting oil from oil shale in the west.

Just recently a committee of Congress voted against allowing drilling of our sea coasts. The government's own estimates show that there are 76 billion barrels of oil that are recoverable from the continental shelf. That is enough oil, at the current pace, to replace all of the oil we now import from outside North America for the next 34 years. The vote was 9 to 6, Democrats voted 9 against and the Republicans voted 6 for.

By the way, those well known caretakers of the environment: China, Cuba and now India, are all drilling 50 miles off the coast of the United States.

Please remember some of this the next time you purchase gas and the next time you vote.

Ric Hills


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