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Huron County Common Pleas Court

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

NORWALK - The following cases recently went through Huron County Common Pleas Court:


Jennifer Wildman, 11 S. Old State Road, Norwalk, vs. Brian K. Wildman, 2633 U.S. 250 S., Norwalk; Jennifer restored to former name of Collins.

Tamra L. Brown, Mansfield, vs. Arlin R. Brown, 2367 Jennings Road, New London.

Bethellen A. Wilcox, 1589 County Road 288, Bellevue, vs. Ernest R. Wilcox, 188 E. Main St., New London; Bethellen restored to former name of Greve.

Brandon Wright, 308 W. Maple St., Willard, vs. Lenima Wright, 4305 Greenwich Milan Townline Road, Greenwich.

Bobby Tuttle, 58 Sandusky St., Plymouth, vs. Angela Tuttle, 340 W. Broadway, Plymouth.

Donald A. Newkirk, 1650 Chenango Road, Wakeman, vs. Carol Newkirk, Gallatin, Tenn.

Glenna Verburg, 7 Spring St., Greenwich, vs. Kevin Verburg, 4488 Old State Road, Willard; Glenna restored to former name of Montgomery.

Jeannette Wiley, 26 Spring St., Apt. A-11, Norwalk, vs. James T. Wiley, 196 W. Main St., Twilight Gardens, Norwalk.

Fayette L. Adams, 8075 Ohio 61, Plymouth, vs. Randy A. Adams, 129 Mary Fate Dr., Plymouth.

Gina R. Essenmacher, Avon, vs. Gerald B. Essenmacher, 4541 Prospect Road, New London.

Julianne Eungard, 3 Mead Ave., Norwalk, vs. David M. Eungard, 3 Mead St., Norwalk.

Lorene G. Ojeda, 29 Bouscay Ave., Apt. G, Norwalk, vs. Charles M. Ojeda, Sr., 27 Harris Ave., Norwalk; Lorene restored to former name of Garcia.

Alysha Marie Stroup, 3195 Peru Center Road, Apt. 8, Monroeville, vs. Terry William Stroup, 4838 Mills Road, Plymouth.

Roberta C. Saunders, 520 Milan Ave., Lot 155, Norwalk, vs. Patrick R. Saunders II, 34 South Garden St., Norwalk; Roberta restored to former name of Resor.

John C. Battelline, APO AE, vs. Kellie M. Battelline, Mascoutah, Ill; Kellie restored to former name of Nielson.

Victoria L. Riley, 4773 En Road, Norwalk, vs. Theodore A. Riley, Sandusky.


Matthew D. Howell, 422 Willow Circle, Plymouth, and April J. Howell, 422 Willow Circle, Plymouth.

Kyle L. Woodruff, 923 Castalia St., Bellevue, and Ashley N. Woodruff, 2254 E. McPherson Hwy., Apt. A, Clyde.

Sheila G. Albright, 1083 U.S. 224 E., and Jeremy B. Albright, 4357 Bullhead Road, Willard.

Arriane E. Stevens, 4575 Mills Road, Plymouth, and Brian M. Stevens, 564 Boughtonville Road, Greenwich.

Gary T. Dombek, 402 W. Pearl St., Willard, and Robin H. Dombek, 204 Rae Court, Apt. 29, Willard; Robin restored to former name of Hunter.

Cases dismissed

Christopher C. Shepherd, Stewart, Ga., vs. Joy J. Shepherd, Alliance; plaintiff's notice of voluntary dismissal of complaint without prejudice.

Nicole A. Kennedy, 5168 Old Military Road, Willard, vs. Joshua J. Kennedy, Bucyrus; plaintiff's notice of dismissal of complaint without prejudice at plaintiff's cost.

Estelle L. Zacharyasz, 60 N. Prospect St., Norwalk, vs. Ralph A. Zacharyasz, 4105 Milliman Road, Norwalk; plaintiff's notice of voluntary dismissal.

Money only

Mary A. Haspeslagh, as individual and administrator now Jocelyn Haspeslagh to Charles F. Haspeslagh, deceased, 306 Nita Dr., Willard, vs. Nancy L. Verhoff, M.D., 708 Linden Ave., Willard; Willard Medical Center Inc., 218 Myrtle Ave., Willard; case settled and dismissed with costs assessed against defendant Verhoff.

Ralph E. Jordan, individual and as father of Jonathan E. Jordan, minor, 116 S. Main St., Willard; Carolyn S. Stephens, 410 Myrtle Ave., Willard, vs. Erie Insurance Group, Erie, Pa.; Dustin M. Wright, 4427 N. Greenfield, Willard; John Does one to three, whose true names and addresses are unknown and cannot be discovered; Erie Insurance Company crossclaim dismissed; order of dismissal with prejudice upon stipulation of parties; defendant Erie Insurance Company to pay costs.

Jeffrey D. Kimble and Hope Kimble, Lodi, vs. Matthew R. Martineau, 5189 Ohio 303, Wakeman; Gloria J. Nissen, 5189 Ohio 303, Wakeman; Randy Martineau, 2206 Ohio 18, Norwalk; Geico Casualty Company, Washington, D.C.; John Does one to five, inclusive defendants unknown, addresses unknown; defendant Geico General Insurance Company dismissed; defendants Randy Martineau and Gloria Nissen dismissed without prejudice; case settle and dismissed with prejudice at defendants Matthew Martineau's cost.

Jason Albietz, 137 First St., New London, vs. Ben Vondenhuevel, Sidney; case settled and dismissed with prejudice at defendant's costs.

Troy Collins and Leah Collins, 3263 U. S. 224, Willard, vs. Jordan J. Yeckle, address unknown; matter dismissed with prejudice with costs taxed to defendant.

Josephine S. Maciag, 316 Albina Dr., Bellevue; State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company, Columbus, vs. Edith J. Ohler, Republic; John Does one to ten, addresses unknown; cause dismissed without prejudice at plaintiff's costs.

Jesus Miller, 537 1/2 Dale St., Willard, vs. Brenda Volz and Fred Volz, Jr., 510 Euclid Ave., Willard; cause dismissed without prejudice at plaintiff's costs.

Notices of appeal

Larry F. Roth, 52 Milan Ave., Norwalk, vs. Administrator for Bureau of Worker's Compensation, Columbus; Reflector Herald Inc., Norwalk Reflector, 61 E. Monroe St., Norwalk; case settled and dismissed with prejudice by agreement of parties; costs to be paid by plaintiff.

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