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Food OK at Casa

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

None of the food tested from Casa Fiesta was the cause of the recent salmonella outbreak, Tim Hollinger, Huron County health commissioner Tim Hollinger said.

He also said he believes the problem has been contained and will not spread further.

“I’d go down there and eat right now. I’m not worried about anything happening at the restaurant,” Hollinger said.

“All samples (sent to the Ohio Department of Health for testing) are negative,” he said, so his department will continue to search for the cause. “Right now we’re maybe a third of the way through our investigation. I’d love to be able to end this and get back to normal functioning because this is probably occupying three-quarters of our time.”

Hollinger explained that his department sent in food from people, who showed symptoms, had taken home from their restaurant meals.

“With the volume of food that the restaurant goes through, the food in question would have been gone,” he said. “By the time we had gotten information that people were sick from salmonella, that food had been used.”

The health department, instead, gathered all food that people who showed symptoms still had at home.

“It was several different types of food” and represented many dishes served at the restaurant,” Hollinger said.

Since the food tested negative, he said, there are “quite a few” other possibilities to check out.

“We’re zeroing in on that right now,” he said. “I don’t want to start any rumors or sensationalism,” he added, so he wouldn’t comment on other possible causes for the contamination.

“I’m hoping either Monday or Tuesday we’ll have a press release,” he said.

One lawsuit already has been filed against the restaurant.

Hollinger said any lawsuits filed or considered over the salmonella poisoning are premature, in his opinion.

“We are still checking and we have to look at every possibility,” he said.

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