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ELECTION - Silcox vs. Ward for commissioner seat

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM

Larry Silcox credits both his previous experience as county commissioner and the active role he's played in the area for 20 years as reasons for his primary victory Tuesday.

Silcox earned 1,725 votes in the Republican primary for the commissioner seat now held by Ralph Fegley, who chose not to run for re-election. Silcox will face Democrat Sharon Ward in November.

Chuck Furey received 1,349 votes Tuesday and Jim Ewell garnered 1,017 votes in the primary. This was the first time either man had run for a county office and voters may see one of those names again.

"The voters have spoken and they want experience, apparently," Ewell said, adding that he might throw his hat back in the ring in the future. "It was a learning experience and I enjoyed it. I know Larry Silcox and he will do a good job."

Furey also congratulated Silcox for the win, but said he didn't anticipate any future campaigns. "I enjoyed it, but that's my one and only shot," Furey said.

Silcox said he looks forward to his upcoming campaign for the general election in November and sees familiar territory.

"Certainly we're going to have to tighten our budget," he said. "I've been there before in tight budget times. I campaigned on no new taxes and that's exactly where I'm going to be.

"The budget is super important the law requires that you have a balanced budget, but where do you make those cuts and how? That's going to be a tough issue," Silcox said.

"County government needs to downsize," he added. Silcox said one idea he wants to look at is moving offices to the uptown area in vacant space in the Huron County office building next to the courthouse.

"The fifth floor is empty, the space above the public defender is empty and the old jail is empty," Silcox said. "Maybe its time to get rid of the building on Milan Avenue and put those offices uptown in empty space we have there."

He said the space currently devoted to the county's law library might be up for consideration. "With everything going to computer and the Ohio Revised Code on computer, do we need all the space that the law library takes up now?" he asked.

Silcox said economic issues and the impact of a regional airport near NASA Plum Brook will also be important issues in his campaign, but he anticipates a win in November.

"The people know me. They know what I stand for and they know how I handled the office before," he said.

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