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bigjoe • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

February is a good month at the Norwalk Reflector, because it’s when we devote four special sections to you.

This year’s special sections will focus around anniversaries and special occasions. They will be published on the four Mondays in February — 4, 11, 18 and 25.

The first special section will focus on organizations. We will center our coverage around the fraternal organizations in Norwalk and Huron County. We have come up with nine organizations — Eagles, VFW, Moose, Elks, Knights of Columbus, Odd Fellows, Masons, Bronson-Norwalk Conservation Club and the American Legion. If we have missed any let me know (it sure is a lot better to figure it out before we go to press).

Our second issue will focus on business anniversaries, the third will feature individual longevity and anniversaries (including the Citizen of the Year) and the fourth will center on health and wellness.

So many times when we do projects like this, people ask me why we missed this or that. This issue is about you and there are very few rules — if you think it’s important, then it probably is. We are interested in any and all suggestions.

I already have received nominations for Citizen of the Year. If you have any ideas of nominations, contact me at (419) 668-3771 ext. 234, or e-mail me at jcenters@norwalkreflector.com.

* * *

We’re pretty excited about our Web site at www.norwalkreflector.com.

One of the biggest problems newspapers have always faced is a lack of space. Every inch of space must be accounted for, with little to spare. So when photographer Lou Reda goes to an event and takes 100 pictures, space limits us to two or three in the newspaper.

Enter ReflectorCam 2.0.

In conjunction with our reader-generated ReflectorCam page we run each Wednesday, ReflectorCam 2.0 lets us take it one step further.

We are now able to post all of our pictures on the Web. In the last week alone we have posted pictures from the Crestview vs. St. Paul boys’ basketball game, the Crestview vs. St. Paul girls’ basketball game, the Norwalk vs. Willard boys’ basketball game, the Cleveland Home & Garden Show preview, pictures from the Jan. 8 storm aftermath, the Norwalk vs. Western Reserve girls’ basketball game, the Western Reserve board of education organizational meeting and the Norwalk vs. Port Clinton boys’ basketball game.

Other galleries include local fans watching the Ohio State-LSU national championship football game, Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch’s swearing-in ceremony and shots from the Family First Night.

And along with our pictures, we invite our readers to submit their own. Click onto ReflectorCam 2.0 and follow the instructions. See if your pictures can break into our “most viewed” category.

* * *

Another feature on our Web site is the comment section. This is where you can get your two cents in on a story. In a perfect world, a comment section is the place for a good give-and-take forum. Unfortunately, many people have crossed the line with their comments. We are working on ways to control the comments, and we have stepped up our policing of the comments.


Finally, check out the videos on our Web site. If you have any comments, feel free to contact me.

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