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BLAST FROM THE PAST - Robert H. Fyfe, father of 10, dies

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

April 30, 1925

The top stories in the Reflector-Herald on this date 83 years ago:

Robert H. Fyfe, father of 10, is taken by death

Robert H. Fyfe, aged 56, a citizen of Norwalk for the last two years and a former Fairfield Twp. Resident, died of creeping paralysis at his home, 35 Jefferson St., after an illness of seven years on Wednesday.

Surviving are the widow and the children: Guy Fife of North Fairfield, Ethel of Norwalk, Carla and Virgil, both of Greenwich; Edna of Boughtonville, and Robert, Mabel, Marjorie, Cora and Clair of Norwalk.

Norwalk balloons sent to London

An enormous shipment of toy balloons was mailed on Wednesday by parcel post through the Norwalk post office for London, England, by the Maple City Rubber Co. The question naturally arises why the English don’t make their own balloons. Rubber men say the climate of that country is not favorable. There were thousands of balloons in the shipment.

Buys Miller home on West Main Street

William Blinzley of the Glass Block has purchased the residential property of the late Geo. H. Miller of 21 W. Main Street.

Jos. Frey building attractive bungalow

Jos. Frey is completing an attractive bungalow on the east side of Benedict Ave. between Water and Summit Sts. The structure will be coated with stucco and will prove a decidedly worthy improvement.

Chicken canning process arouses no little interest

Farm women are much interested in the chicken canning demonstrations performed by Ina Lindman in the county this week.

Under the pressure cooking system, only one hour and 15 minutes of cooking is necessary. In the hot bath system of cooking about three hours is required.

Louis Lawrence breaks collar bone

Little Louis Lawrence, son of Dr. and Mrs. W.W. Lawrence, had the misfortune to break his collar bone yesterday. An X-ray was taken. He is resting comfortably today.

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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