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BLAST FROM THE PAST - New plans at Country Club

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

JAN. 14, 1930

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 78 years ago:

County Club in new member plan

Drastic changes were made in the County Club affairs at the annual meeting of stockholders last night at the American Legion Post rooms. Two new plans of membership were adopted: A Lady Membership for unmarried women, and a Junior membership for young men between certain ages, both at greatly reduced rates but having no vote and owning no stock.

The move is made for the purpose of reviving interest in the club. When it started some years ago, the membership was 146, but this past year it was 88. The club and golf links are in excellent shape and the club came through the year with a balance of a little less than $5 but bills paid.

Reports of the various officers were read, the most interesting being that of Treasurer B.B. Wood. He showed that the receipts were $7,345.79, of which $823 was green fees and $5,175 was dues.

New members were elected to the board of directors as follows: H.G. Pressing, Henry C. Schwarz, Fred E. Johnson, W.W. Lawrence and Oscar Hettle. The hold over members of the board are Messrs. Frank Carpenter, Herb Gallup, Ray Gerken, F.E. Harter, W.C. Pratt, Dr. C.W. Peasley, Charles Goodell, Kenneth Wildman, A.E. Huffman and Ralph Stratton.

Artificial leg mystery puzzles officials here

Norwalk has a wooden leg mystery. Last night a man's artificial leg was found on one of the steps of the county jail.

Did some man lose his leg while walking along the street?

Did someone have an extra artificial leg and decide to throw one away?

Or did an artificial leg fall from an automobile to be picked up and laid on the jail steps by some other person?

No one seems to know. Meanwhile, an effort is being made to locate the owner.

J.O. Campbell expires after long illness

James O. Campbell, 45, superintendent of the Northern Ohio Telephone Co. and one of Norwalk's best liked and most highly prized citizens, passed away in Memorial Hospital this morning at 5:55 o'clock, after being ill about three months.

Mr. Campbell was born on Nov. 7, 1885 at Kilgore. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Oma C. Campbell, the children Robert, Byron and Frances, the parents Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Campbell of Kilgore, a brother Fred Campbell of Kilgore, two sisters, Florence of Kilgore and Mrs. H. Gotchall of Carrolton.

For the last 24 years Mr. Campbell had been engaged in the telephone business in Norwalk. Displaying early in his career pronounced managerial ability and a capacity for hard work, Mr. Campbell made a splendid record as an executive and much of the success of the great Ohio Northern Telephone Co., which is the largest independent corporation of its kind in Ohio, may be attributed to the effective services performed by him.

While Mr. Campbell carried on his managerial duties, he displayed consistently a fine spirit of courtesy and consideration of others that won for him the respect and esteem of a remarkably wide circle of friends.

The death of Mr. Campbell, coming as it did in the very prime of his life and at a time when many years of useful service appeared assured, will prove a heavy blow indeed to his family circle and to the very many friends. The loss to the community brought about by the passing of the decedent will prove a heavy one.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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