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BLAST FROM THE PAST - A modern-day Crusoe

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

April 14, 1922

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 86 years ago:

Boy leads Robinson Crusoe life

Nowhere in the records of the probate court here is a case revealed that excels in strangeness the affair of Guy Parish, the 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Parish of this city.

For weeks, the boy has been living a sort of Robinson Crusoe life almost in the heart of Norwalk. Night after night, alone and without the barest of life’s comforts, he has slept in a hut in a wood a few hundred feet from Lais pond. And many nights he has been the sole habitant of the abandoned Lais Brewery here.

This week, Judge J.M Bechtol took the boy to Columbus where he will enter the state bureau of juvenile research for observation. It is hoped that the impulses that prompt the lad to lead his queer existence may be corrected and that the patient may be returned to his home a normal boy.

An investigation disclosed that young Parish for a time lived in a box car at Cleveland with two adult tramps. One of the men was a German and the other an Irishman.

How a boy of such tender years could summon up the courage to stay alone night after night in such a spooky place as the Lais brewery with its damp atmosphere and its pitfalls wherein the unwary might easily fall to serious injury or even death, puzzles the authorities.

Mosquitoes to have hard time this spring

Norwalk’s heavy artillery is to be trained on the Mosquito squadrons this month in hope of exterminating millions of the pests later on. The matter was taken up at the Kiwanis luncheon yesterday and Dr. M.M. Battles was appointed general chairman of the mosquito fleet.

It is stated that mosquitoes will not travel more than 20 to 30 rods from their breeding place, but as they breed, in all stagnant water, one tin can pile with a few cans open side up, will breed enough to keep a neighborhood scratching all summer. The main battle front is along Norwalk Creek, along West Elm and cross streets. While the local health board put oil on the waters  each spring, yet the present campaign will plan to keep oil dripping on the surface of the creek at several different points for several weeks this spring. The oil forms a film on top of the water and the mosquitoes are balked for keeps.

Chas. Zipfel expires at Monroeville

Charles Zipfel died at his home on Sandusky St. at Monroeville at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, at the age of 54 years, after being taken suddenly ill in the morning.

Mr. Zipfel went to work at the Meister piano Co. in the morning, apparently in good health. At about 11 o’clock he was seized with a stroke. He was rushed to his home but never regained consciousness.

Mr. Zipfel was born in Monroeville and has been a lifelong resident of that place. Formerly he was in the greenery business with his father, the late Roman Zipfel. He was a member of the Monroeville band.

Surviving him are his widow, three children, Pauline, Mary and Roman, two brothers, Albert and Edward, his mother, all of Monroeville, and two sisters, Mrs. Cornelius Hess of Monroeville and Mrs. A.J. Antenen of Miami, Fla.

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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