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4-H News

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Huron County Jr. Dairy

The meeting was held April 15 at the Riley’s farm. A motion was passed to pay the dairy booth bill and it was decided the club would pay for half of the project books.

Reminders for livestock project members to go to a quality assurance meeting. The club will participate in the Huron County Heart Walk as a community service project at 9 a.m. May 3 at the Norwalk reservoir. Club officers were reminded to attend the officers meeting at he Norwalk Middle School at 7 p.m. May 5.

A demonstration was given by Calvin Riley. The next meeting will be held at the Riley farm at 6:30 p.m. May 6. This will be the club’s health meeting. Refreshments were provided by the Vanderpools. Recreation was petting and viewing a baby pig and calf.

— Calvin Riley, reporter  

n Town and Country

This club held the third meeting April 13 at the North Fairfield United Methodist Church.

The meeting’s health tip was to brush your teeth everyday to help prevent tooth decay and to have whiter looking teeth. The safety tip was to wear proper equipment and clothing while riding a ATV. The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $325.39.

Robert Gannett moved to have a fundraiser committee, Jake Rhine seconded, motion passed. Members on the committee include Robert Gannett, Jake Rhine, Chris Morgan, Frank Gannett, Jared Chandler, James and Quincy Patterson. Alanna Deeble moved to have a T-shirt committee, Madison Ott seconded, motion carried. The committee consists of Alanna Deeble, Madison and Danielle Ott, Chris and Jennifer Morgan and Frank Gannett. Robert Gannett moved to have a community service committee, Jared Chandler seconded, motion carried. On the committee are Jennifer and Chris Morgan, James and Quincy Patterson, Robert and Frank Gannett and Jared Rhine. Jake Rhine moved to have a club outing committee, Jared Chandler seconded, motion passed.  The committee members are Jake Rhine, Jared Chandler, Frank Gannett and Chris Morgan.

Robert Gannett moved to accept the 2008 program. Jake Rhine seconded, motion passed. The club members decided not to participate in any parades. Demonstrations were given by Chris Morgan on “how to get a goat ready for show”, Madison Ott on “hog breeds” and Chandler Gray on “knots.” Robert Gannett moved to adjourn the meeting, Chandler Gray seconded, motion passed. Refreshments were prepared by Jeremiah Adams and Chandler Gray for the club to enjoy. Next meeting is Sunday.

— Summer Sweeting, reporter

n Tri-Community Bits & Pieces

The club met April 13. The meeting was called to order by president Kristen Conger. They met at the old North Fairfield middle school. There were 18 members, seven parents and three advisers present.

Members decided they are going canoeing for their outing, bake sale, wood cut-outs and running the putt-putt golf at the Peach Festival for their fundraisers. Members will help clean up the 4-H camp, collect donations for Easter Seals and will plant flowers at the American Legion for their community service projects.

Demonstrations were done by Kristen Conger on “the different breeds of cattle,” Chasity Traxler on “preparing your goat for the fair” and Brett Whiteside on “parts of a goat.”

Refreshments were brought by the Conger, Whiteside and Traxler families.  Recreation was freeze tag led by Lauren Green.

The next meeting will be at 6 p.m. Sunday at the old middle school.

— Sammie Wheeler, reporter

n Greenwich Country Cornhuskers

The club members held their fourth meeting on April 17, with 36 members present.

The meeting was called to order with the pledges led by LeeAnn Montgomery.

The club constitution was read and discussed. Members were reminded about the up coming bake sale from 10 a.m to 1 p.m May 10 at the Greenwich Grocery.

Demonstrations were given by Jordan Ryerson on changing engine oil; Megan Cornish on methods of identification for cattle; Daniel Smith on how to raise and show a turkey; LeeAnn Montgomery on Eagles; and Whitney Weisenberger on rodents.

Refreshments were served by LeeAnn Montgomery, the Lortcher and Mikalacki families.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Greenwich United Methodist Chuch.

— Megan Cornish, reporter

n Wakeman Wizards

Club members met April 20 at the home of Julianna and Lauren Pabst. There were 16 members, three Cloverbuds and three advisers present.

A meal was provided by the Pabst family. Roll call was taken by saying your favorite sport. All enrollment and health forms were due. Money was collected for project book fees. The group members discussed the upcoming flower sale and trash pickup. The advisers reminded members about the Camp Conger work day and officer training. The group members voted to light luminaries for the Relay For Life. Recreation was playing outside. The next meeting is at the Daltons’ house at 6 p.m. Sunday.

— Julianna Pabst, reporter

n Busy Needles

The club held its first meeting at the West Hartland United Methodist Church on March 16.

Enrollment packets were handed out and discussed. Each member needs to return their enrollment form and health history form at the next meeting. Members decided to sell frozen food and ceramic bread warmers for the Huron County 4-H committee. This will count as community service projects for the club members that participate. Each club member is required to complete at least three community service projects. Members discussed other possible projects they could do.

Each member received a green folder to keep 4-H papers in and they decorated them with foam flowers and letters. Refreshments were provided by an adviser.

— Kaitlyn Spettle, reporter

n Hartland New Horizon

This club met April 20.

In old business, members decided not donate to the Kiwanis.

In new business, Sara moved to donate $75 to Relay for Life and the motion was passed.

Members discussed what they could do the clean up the fairgrounds.

Members planned all the dates for meetings and assigned demonstrations and refreshments.

n Classy Clovers

This 4-H club met April 13 at adviser Amy Palm’s house.

Members decided on going to the Toledo Zoo on June 28 as a family event.

Members also discussed new T-shirts and the T-shirt committee will have more information at the next meeting. In addition, the members decided to plant flowers at the Humane Society for community service. The rest of enrollment forms were collected and project books were handed out. Demonstrations were done by Carrie Hinckley on how to make peanut butter bars and Rachel Palm on how to make fruit pizza. Refreshments were served by Carrie Hinckly and Rachel Palm. The next meeting will be at Tyler and Keegan Baker's house at 3 p.m. May 4. 

— Ashley Riley, reporter

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