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Zoso pays great tribute to Led Zeppelin

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

It was back to the House of Blues in Cleveland last Saturday for a doubleheader tribute band night.

The headliner was Zoso a Led Zeppelin tribute while opening was Signals, which is a Rush cover band.

Hey, before anything, it was nice to actually make it to the House of Blues. Mother Nature took it easy on us Saturday, sparing locals 15-plus inches of snow.

Signals wasn't the best tribute band I've seen.

First, it's tough to cover Rush songs to begin with. Geddy Lee has a very unique voice.

Signals did a decent job with the music, though I couldn't hear the guitar. The vocals were a bit rough, especially in the band's closing song, "Limelight." I told the group that went with me I wish Signals' singer would have simply sang in his own vocal range.

I will give the band credit for including "Between The Wheels" in the set, but the rest of the set consisted of the more-popular Rush tunes.

Zoso kicked butt.

These guys have been convering Zeppelin since first forming in the Los Angeles area in 1995. They had the look and sound down. I think they sounded better than the real thing. I've heard plenty of Zeppelin shows from the 1970s and Zoso's Saturday performance was right up there with them.

Zoso opened with "Celebration Day" and then headed straight into the "Wanton Song."

Other set highlights were "Out on the Tiles," "Heartbreaker," "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "No Quarter." I'm glad Zoso spared us the 30-minute-plus Zeppelin version of "Dazed and Confused."

In other news, according to Ticketmaster, the Pink Floyd tribute band Wish You Were Here will be back at the House of Blues on Friday, April 27. I've seen a couple different April dates for this show, but this is the one I'm going with.

I saw Wish You Were Here at the House of Blues in January and they were quite good.

Apparently this time, the first set will consist of classic Floyd songs done acoustically while set two will be plugged in. Tickets for this event, which are $16.50 to $22, go on sale Friday.

I'm hoping to pick up Nine Inch Nails' new DVD "Beside You in Time" at some point this week. The DVD features 24 live songs from NIN's 2006 tour. I caught this tour at both Toledo and Detroit and neither disappointed.

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