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Writer wrong about cruiser

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:49 PM

In response to Lois Moore's Feb. 27 letter, ("Willard doesn't need more taxes") I believe a few points need clarified.

I live at the residence mentioned with my husband, Officer Chris Kelbley of the Willard Police Department. The cruiser she mentioned is used to transport K-9 Rexi, the city's drug dog that was purchased in 2003 with much community support, who lives with us. The cruiser is outfitted with an enclosed cage used to protect Rexi in an accident. The cruiser is only for transporting Rexi when on duty, to training, to demonstrations or other official business. When Officer Kelbley and Rexi are off duty the cruiser is parked. This is a standard practice among other departments that have K-9 units.

The City of Willard is placing an eighth of a percent income tax on the ballot to hire three officers and enable the force to have a full time detective, juvenile officer and a school resource officer. Not to allow other officers to have take-home cars. The citizens of Willard get to vote on this issue, but remember that all non-residents who work in Willard will also be contributing.

I encourage the citizens of Willard to contact City Manager Brian Humphress or Chief Joseph Daniel with any questions. Also, Lois Moore, thank you for drawing more attention to my residence. You may have put my husband, family and Rexi at risk.

Lorie Kelbley


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