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With all due respect: Hispanics should learn to speak English

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

I love America and am incredibly thankful everyday of my life that I was blessed enough by God to have been born here. And with America at war, I consider it my "duty" everyday to read the names of those soldiers who have died for my freedom and my beloved country.

With each and every soldier, for at least one small moment, I'll repeat their name, look at their age, where they're from and then offer a prayer for them. Quite often, those names are Hispanic and I realize, that those brave men and women loved this country of ours even more than I could ever possibly do, for why else would they give their lives for it?

Considering the current flood in Spanish speaking immigrants, I am learning to speak some Spanish. Further, I applaud towns like ours, where we have culturally diverse groups like those headed by our mayor in an attempt to better understand our would be new citizens.

Having said all that I ask: Why? Why, aren't we expecting, no demanding, of our new citizens that they learn to speak English? Why aren't we demanding, as we have of immigrants for centuries, that they become, as those Hispanic soldiers who have given their lives for us, "Americanized" and to adapt to the American way of life? Would you or I receive special treatment and be able to demand such a bending of the culture in Mexico for example? Would we be allowed to sneak in? Would we, as non-citizens, be allowed to tap into their social programs?

I have no problem whatsoever understanding the economic reasons why our new citizens come here. Further, as a rule, they work hard, and I believe that they could serve as role models for the prototypical "fat lazy, always complaining American" of whom most disdain.

I guess, all I'm really saying is: "When in Rome do as the Romans do" and because it is in the best interest of all speak English and English only in the every day meeting places of every day "Americans."

Cliff Cannon


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