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We need global warming now

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Americans are individually, and as a whole, addicted to instant gratification. So I ask you, what is the hold up with this global warming thing?

The northern area of Ohio is somewhere about 800 feet above sea level, so even if the Greenland ice cap and all of the North and South poles were to thaw out, the seas would never rise high enough to flood us here. Think of the housing industry boom for Ohio. More than half of America's population lives along the coastline, and those displaced millions will have to move somewhere. The flooded coastal cities would then become artificial reefs that would provide protection for new schools of fish and create more jobs for the sport fishermen whose industry is being greatly reduced because of over-fishing by corporate fishing fleets.

Also, the water level of Lake Erie would fall because of the reduction in water flowing into the Great Lakes drainage basin from seasonal melting of ice and snow from Canada, adding thousands of acres of land to Ohio. And think of all the STUFF that people have dropped into the water of Lake Erie in years past. Imagine many Ohioans walking around in shorts and sandals in February, swinging metal detectors across the newly uncovered ground and around newly planted palm trees. Just think of the job growth. Metal detector rentals would be scattered among the new homes and businesses of the uncovered portions of Lake Erie and enough booty might be found to replace some of the economic losses from jobs sacrificed to past political apathy and corporate greed.

There's not enough room here to list ALL the benefits and financial opportunities we could discover. So I ask you, what's the hold up with this global warming thing we were promised?

Rick A. Mullins


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