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UPDATE - Cable service to be restored this afternoon

bigjoe • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 AM

“There is life after cable.”

Many people found that out Tuesday night when a widespread outage hit Time Warner Cable.

For many, the outage meant no cable television, phone or Internet.

John Schumm, 31 Newton St., Norwalk, said he spent most of the evening at a meeting but came home to no television.

“I came home and read the newspaper instead of watching TV,” Schumm said. “It was kind of nice sitting at home without the TV blaring, but I did miss Boston Legal.”

One good thing about the whole situation, Schumm said, was that the Indians weren’t playing.

Cleveland defeated the hated New York Yankees 6-4 Monday night to clinch its best-of-five American League Division Series in four games.

Game one of the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox begins Friday in Beantown.

“I would have been real mad if that was the case,” Schumm said. Of course, Schumm pointed out, we still have Tom Hamilton and the radio broadcasts of the game.

 Bill Jasso, vice president of public affairs at TWC, said a cut fiber-optic line about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday was the culprit.

“Somebody dug where they shouldn’t have,” said Jasso, who declined to say where or who cut the line, which was buried six feet under ground.

“Service will be restored by mid-afternoon today. There were about 850 customers affected by this outage in Norwalk and Monroeville.”

Norwalk City Councilman Chris Mushett said he survived, but life without television would not be his first choice.

“God, that was terrible,” he said this morning. “I’m glad there were no sports on. Last night I got home from city council and there wasn’t any so I went to bed early. This morning I got up early to ride my (stationary) bike and the only thing on was the clock on my cable box. I got to watch the minutes tick off as I rode my bike.”

Could Mushett survive without television? “I could make it if I had to, but I would prefer not to.”

“But you have to be ready for it,” he said. “I had nothing to read. If I knew it was going to be out I could have had a book or a couple of magazines on hand.”

Dick Armbrust, a columnist for the Reflector, said he had his new television hooked up Tuesday afternoon  — just in time for the cable to go out.

“I do my exercises to the T.V.,” Armbrust said. “I exercised to snow this morning and it was a blessing. I had some time to think.”

Sounds like a column.

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