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Time in 4-H aids Hinckley in the kitchen

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Nine years of cooking projects for 4-H have taught Carrie Hinckley one thing if a recipe doesn't work the first time, try again.

Hinckley took Global Gourmet for the Huron County Fair this year and presented arroz con pollo rice with chicken for her demonstration and judging. "I really liked this one," she said.

She has learned over the years to tweak recipes. "I'm a common sense girl," Hinckley said. "I've learned to adapt recipes."

This year Hinckley learned recipes from many different cultures. She said one interesting part of the project was learning not only recipes, but culture. "I got to learn about how people eat as a family," she said.

As part of her project, Hinckley also searched the Internet for information. "I really learned a lot," she said.

For her featured recipe, Hinckley has several tips. "You could use a can of chicken broth, pre-cooked chicken pieces or even use instant rice. Any or all of these things would be all right," she said.

Part of Hinckley's experience has been learning from mistakes. While she was demonstrating a recipe during a 4-H club meeting this year, she said, she mistakenly added an entire box of baking powder instead of the much smaller and proper amount for the recipe.

"Everyone still makes fun of me because of it," she admitted. She was lucky, she said, because the meeting was in her sister's home so she quickly found the necessary ingredients to make her recipe again.

Cooking has always been a family affair for Hinckley. "My mom and my grandma got me started," Hinckley said. "Ever since I was little I liked being in the kitchen."

Along with her cooking projects, Hinckley also shows turkey, pigs, flowers and will take her clothing project to the state fair.

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