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Thunder, Berry's both good for uptown area

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

If the city of Norwalk can't work with Berry's to allow minimal drinking in Bresson Park so the city will not be seen as favoring a business how can they justify closing down Main Street for 24 hours in the middle of the week to showcase Summit Raceway Park? It would seem to me we are working a double standard here. The claim by the administration that "Thunder in the Streets" brings people to Norwalk is probably legitimate. On the other hand, disrupting 30 or so businesses on Main Street is what?

The request by Doug Berry to allow him to sell a couple of drinks to bring more people into that area of Main Street seems to me to be a proper business request also. He and his employees are required to pay taxes to the city, which helps the city coffers.

The argument that the city can't change the law regarding the use of alcohol in a public park is ridiculous. Government has taken upon itself any and all the power it wants in order to satisfy its agenda at any particular time. Eminent Domain rulings are now in use for economic development. Businesses are forced to be tax collectors for the government through sales tax, income tax, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment tax, business fees, etc. Main Street building owners were forced to pay for the uptown renovation project a few years ago. The list could go on.

Government is great at pushing itself upon the individual and business, but Heaven forbid it does something to help someone out. Remember that no government can create jobs, but they sure as heck can destroy them.

Ric Hills


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