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The bear necessities Father's Day gift will keep on giving

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

It sure beats a tie.

It's the present that keeps on giving.

Jerry Schloesser got quite a unique Fathers Day present from his children. He had a tree in his front yard cut down and his son-in-law, Marvin Linder, had an idea.

That idea turned into quite a gift. Schloesser's children chipped in and paid for chain saw artist Bud Emerson to carve a bear into the tree stump.

Schloesser said the bear has turned a lot of heads.

"I get more compliments ... especially after we landscaped it," he said.

"Oh yeah, they like it. They definitely like it. The only thing we haven't done yet is put the house number on it. We're working on it."

Schloesser, of 131 Woodlawn Ave., built the house in 1966 on a lot he bought from his father-in-law for $1. He said he loved the tree, which provided shade in the afternoon and evening, but it just got too big.

"It wasn't dead and it had some nice leaves on it," Schloesser said. "But there were power lines for three houses going through it. It scared me (when it stormed) and I said 'we have to get rid of it.'

"My son (Linder) had a tree carved into a bear about nine years ago. I always wanted a bear and that is the only tree I'll ever have."

Schloesser got the present from his three children and their spouses Vicki and Marvin Linder, Diane and Tony Pressly and Roger and Anna Schloesser.

Schloesser said he would recommend Emerson, who works out of Wellington, to anybody.

"He's excellent. He's only about 39, but he goes all over the United States. He's definitely good. He's a hard one to catch."

For more information, log onto Chainsawbud@aol.com.

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