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THINKING OUT LOUD - Let's move the fair to September ... 1959

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM

By now I should know better, but the Huron County Fair still sneaks up on me in August.

I know it has been in August for decades now, but I still think of the fair as a September thing.

That is undoubtedly because the really great years for me attending the fair were the ones when I was in school. And in those long ago days, the Huron County Fair was held in September.

And, at least in my memories, it was really something special.

A couple of years ago the fair board talked about a possible date change, but there was no guarantee that it would move back to September. And it didn't.

But, in my opinion, that's the only way to go.

Imagine, for instance, a mid-July Huron County Fair. Think about the heat and bugs and smells in the animal barns. Or the exhibition buildings. Or OK, don't imagine too vividly the rest rooms. Just too hot.

As I said at the time, if you are going to recreate the glory days, the fair needs to move back to September. We loved the fair in September.

Of course, we got a day off school to attend the fair which may have had something to do with our kindly feelings toward that particular time frame. Hundreds of youngsters from around the county descended on the fairgrounds for that one magical day each September fabulous!

In addition, as I recall, about half the youngsters in school were also in 4-H; lots of them even stayed at the fair for the whole week. I am guessing it is not like that any more. I just do not see the blue FFA jackets like I used to. But still, I'll bet September would get a warmer reception than July from the youth of our county. It's just a cool thing to do after school starts.

Next, if they want the fair to be spectacular, they need to make it 10 times bigger. That's the way I recall it from age 12. I am not exactly sure how the fairgrounds have shrunk in the last four decades, but in those days, it took us all day to really cover the grounds. And the midway was awesome one amazing attraction after another.

As a matter of fact, the fair board really ought to look into getting back some of those first-class midway games. Each September after my day at the fair, I would scheme for weeks about how I could hone my skills at knocking over lead-weighted milk bottles or extend my reach so I could drop the rings over the most desirable pegs. You see, I wanted to win some gigantic stuffed animal to impress some girl who would otherwise ignore me. The fair board needs to do what it can to restore that longing in the youth of our county.

By the way, I haven't seen the ring-the-bell-by-whacking-a-thing-with-a-sledgehammer attraction at recent fairs. That's a big one, fair board. Although I personally never progressed beyond the level that said "Bullies kick sand in your face, don't they?'' I know that girls really go for the guys who can actually ring the bell. Bring that back and watch fair attendance soar.

The arcade was good, too. I say, bring it back. Think about it: where else can a kid play sophisticated electronic games? Once a year in the arcade, that's where. And, for just a dime per play. That's a solid entertainment value.

Any kind of freak show stuff is good, too. Bearded ladies, two-headed animals, petrified corpses and the like.

That's the stuff of conversation at school in the 11 months between fairs.

Add in a fun house and the Hurricane Hell Drivers and people will be ignoring those six other fairs in adjacent counties to get to ours.

I said it before, and I will say it again: the fair board should really consider a date change.

They should change it back to September.

And if they can change it back to September, 1959. I will buy pass for the whole week.

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