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Summer is an ideal time to save energy

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM

We have all been talking about "green" actions we can take to be better to the environment. But nothing says "green" like our lawn and garden. After all those two things are as green as it gets.

You might be surprised to know that's where the average home owner has the worst grades for being "green." Chemicals, like fertilizer, pesticides, herbicide and poisons are used and sold pretty readily.

Farmers are actually better at chemical use. When it costs you a large part of your yearly production costs, to spray and fertilize, you tend to put just enough on. Sometimes we home owners tell ourselves "just a little more" will do a better job. But it won't.

If it hasn't rained ... and the grass didn't grow ... don't mow the lawn. It's amazing how many people mow their lawn every Saturday, just because it's Saturday. If it doesn't need it, don't mow it. The president's office of energy conservation says it has a goal of reducing our nation's gas needs from 140 billion gallons a year to 128 billion gallons. Every tank helps.

Another idea for Saturday: On Friday talk to each other. If there are errands to run get together and plan the car pool. Saving even more gas.

My favorite energy saver: Get a broom. My children cringe every time I do it, but if you have one of those noisy, stinky, over the top forced air blowers you might hear from me. That is if you can hear me, over the roar of your machine, when I yell "Get a broom."

Don't forget that in summers in Ohio you shouldn't need a clothes dryer. Even if you just hang a few things, like a heavy sweatshirt or a throw rug it can save a lot of energy. Even hanging a few things in your garage or porch can save some.

One other note: When those energy saving new bulbs came out with the twisty looking bulbs. The bottoms seemed to be a little wide especially if you had older light fixtures or lamps. There are newer very much more compact, versions, I can now find those bulbs to fit into most fixtures.

Sometimes with new technology it takes a little while for the products to meet the ideals of what consumers really need.

Pam Hansberger is the assistant coordinator for the Huron County Solid Waste Management District. Her column runs every other Wednesday. For more information on local recycling and waste reduction programs, call (419) 663-8059.

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