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Stan might not be the man in next election

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM

There might be a second independent candidate for Norwalk City Council who may be ineligible.

A Huron County Board of Elections' letter to Republic Street resident Stan Obrenovich contends that the first-ward candidate may be a member of the Huron County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

"I don't think I've been on the executive committee. I'm not on the executive committee," said Obrenovich, who had filed petitions for the first ward.

The letter, dated Thursday, also indicates Obrenovich voted in the May 2006 primary election as a Democrat and made contributions to the Huron County Democratic Party. He said he had made donations, but didn't have specifics.

Obrenovich is frustrated because he has questions for the board of elections, but director Tom Gerrity and deputy director Sharon Locke are at a conference through the end of the week. Obrenovich wants to know if he is available to be a write-in candidate if he can post signs, solicit finds or if he can be listed as "Stan O." on the ballot to simplify things for the voters.

"I can't get one question answered because they're at a conference," he said about Gerrity and Locke. "Here I have questions and I can't get any questions answered."

Obrenovich also wants to know if contributing to the Democratic party disqualifies him as a write-in candidate.

"If it does, it shouldn't," he added.

The lifelong Norwalk resident served two terms on council as a Democrat from 1998 until 2001. He also ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2001.

Obrenovich is the second council candidate who recently discovered he had problems with his filed petitions.

Council-at-large member Dwight Tkach didn't sign the circulator statement on the back of his nominating petition when he turned in the paperwork June 7. That means he must either withdraw from being an independent candidate before June 27 or withdraw and then file as a write-in candidate by Sept. 5. The letter to Obrenovich gave him the same options.

Tkach, as reported Friday in the Reflector, said he hadn't made any plans and not signing the form was an oversight. The board of elections has invited both Tkach and Obrenovich to its June 27 meeting to certify the independent candidates.

On Thursday, Gerrity said the board will be checking that the signed voters match with their current addresses. "The board will meet to figure out what to do with the petitions," he added.

Obrenovich, who said he might not run at all, called himself an "idea person" who has lived in the same house, in the first ward, all his life.

"The first ward is growing and there are a lot of things I'd like to see happen," he said, but didn't elaborate.

In light of his connection to the Democratic party, Obrenovich said he votes as an independent and is interested in "issues and individuals" when making election-day decisions.

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