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Some expected, unexpected results at Div. III district

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

BUCYRUS There was the expected like Monroeville's Fab Four boys' sprinters (plus one) and the Western Reserve girls' quartet which has equally familiar names.

St. Paul discus thrower Wes Stein also did not disappoint Saturday during the finals of the Division III track and field tournament at Bucyrus.

Nor did New London's Gabrielle Wuensch in the two distance events.

But, there was also the unexpected with the biggest being distance runner Jared Simon from Monroeville beating for the first time in four years one of the state's premier runners, Crestview's Troy McCarron in the 3200 meter run.

St. Paul had two surprises, the first when sophomore Eric Schwieterman ran third in the 400. And even bigger in the girls' 400 relay when three freshmen (Emily Nickoli, Amber Welfle and Megan Stein) teamed with junior Emily Lee to advance to the Division III Fostoria regional Wednesday after a fourth-place finish.

More confident after a better showing against McCarron two weeks ago, Simon displayed a kick with 30 meters left in the eight-lap event that caught the Crestview runner off guard. Their times were 10:13.68 and 10:13.84.

"For four years, we have been telling Jared that is what he is capable of," Monroeville track coach Bernie Yoder said. "McCarron never knew what happened because he never before had to fend off Jared's kick. Today, Jared kicked it in first coming off the last turn. McCarron fought him off and apparently thought he was home free, but when Jared came at him again with 15 meters left, the momentum was on Jared's side."

Stein hurled the discus 156-10 on his second throw in the preliminaries, a distance that covered his closest rival by five feet. Western's Frank Medina also advanced after a fourth-place finish with 139-4.

"I am going to have to step it up in Fostoria," the St. Paul junior said. "I am something like third-best in that field. I'll look over who is there and see where I stand and then prepare."

Jay Lukasko, St. Paul's weight events coach, believes his athlete is just a hip drive and a bit more height from hitting that 165-foot effort that would all but assure him a place in the Columbus field.

"The big thing is he won again today and that is a confidence boost,'' Lukasko said. "We'll work on fixing those little things this week."

St. Paul coach Jerry MacMurray was elated over the number of his underclassmen who advanced.

"Eric (Schwieterman) certainly was a surprise," MacMurray said. "And how about those three freshmen and a junior in the 400 relay? Sophomore Karen Opper came very close in the long jump. Wes Stein was again solid. We'll go to Fostoria with eight athletes and the same kind of optimism that we brought in here."

Yoder also feels his one- and two-lap relay team still have not reached their potential, even though Ryan Bores, Marcus Brotzki, Evan Heyman and Jake Schwab won both the 400 and 800 relays. Kasey Wilhelm replaced Brotzki in the 1600 relay, a move that helped get the Eagles a second-place finish to lock up the runner-up plaque with 81 points behind Sandusky St. Mary Central Catholic at 90.

"They need to get a little more separation between their handoffs," Yoder said. "Those guys will work until they get it right. It's been their goal to get back to Columbus ever since they left there last spring. That has been the mission of the seniors and it has carried down to the freshmen. Evan is a bit sore right now but he will have to suck it up and find ways to get through four more days of competition."

Western Reserve coach Barry Pickens said his sprinters performed especially well. He praised sophomore Tommy House and senior Colleen Nitchman for working their way through the preliminaries and then advancing to Fostoria.

House won the 100 in 11.62, shading South Central junior Leo Cabello 11.63.

The four lady sprinters from Western Reserve Nitchman, Tiffany Patrick, Amanda Burton and Lillian Hansberger won the 400 relay in 51.54. Danielle Gangluff joined Hansberger, Nitchman and Patrick in the four-lap event to place second to Seneca East 4:05.80 to 4:05.90.

"Health is key," Pickens said. "It has everything to do with a team's success this time of the year, especially a school our size where I can not pick from six quality sprinters but rather four and perhaps an alternate. It was tough here and will only get tougher at a regional site that is probably the strongest in the state."

Western Reserve finished fifth with 53 points. Wynford edged Seneca East 86-84 for the girls' district crown.

Gabrielle Wuensch continues her drive toward Columbus in winning both the 1600 (5:22.01) and the 3200 (12:00.14). She will be joined by her twin sister, Danielle, in Fostoria in the 3200.

The Division III regional is Wednesday-Friday in Fostoria. The Division II regional is Thursday and Saturday at Lexington.


Team Standings: Wynford 86, Seneca East 84, Carey 70.5, Mohawk 63.5, Western Reserve 53, New London 50, Ashland Crestview 49, Colonel Crawford 47, SMCC 44, St. Peter's 40, St. Paul 27, Monroeville 20, Tiffin Calvert 15, South Central 9, Plymouth 2, Buckeye Central 1.

100: 1. Lindsay (MSP) 13.04. 2. Nitchman (WR) 13.08. 3. Jacoby (Car.) 13.14. 4. Widman (SMCC) 13.24. 5. Henry (Wyn.) 13.51. 6. Lust (CC) 13.58. 7. West (SC) 13.74. 8. Hauler (Mv) 13.91.

200: 1. Lindsay (MSP) 26.21. 2. Jacoby (Car.) 26.71. 3. Nitchman (WR) 27.18. 4. Nagel (SE) 27.32. 5. Widman (SMCC) 27.95. 6. McCombs (Wyn.) 28.12. 7. West (SC) 28.48. 8. Henry (Wyn.) 28.58.

400: 1. Lindsay (MSP) 57.33. 2. Jacoby (Car.) 57.87. 3. Nagel (SE) 58.24. 4. Patrick (WR) 59.00. 5. Hay (SE) 1:04.24. 6. Hansberger (WR) 1:04.44. 7. Schiefer (Wyn.) 1:04.54. 8. McCombs (Wyn.) 1:08.01.

800: 1. Theis (SE) 2:21.86. 2. Phillips (SE) 2:23.70. 3. Boes (Moh.) 2:25.33. 4. Plaster (Wyn.) 2:26.03. 5. Geiger (CC) 2:27.67. 6. Gangluff (WR) 2:28.04. 7. Swartz (TC) 2:33.04. 8. Sendelbach (NL) 2:35.41.

1600: 1. Gabrielle Wuensch (NL) 5:22.01. 2. Webb (Ash. Crest.) 5:24.72. 3. Elmlinger (SE) 5:29.19. 4. Swartz (TC) 5:29.99. 5. Rodriguez (SMCC) 5:41.03. 6. Asmus (NL) 5:44.77. 7. Buchman (TC) 5:44.90. 8. Mohr (Wyn.) 5:45.70.

3200: 1. Gabrielle Wuensch (NL) 12:00.14. 2. Webb (Ash. Crest.) 12:03.11. 3. Daniel (Moh.) 12:11.25. 4. Danielle Wuensch (NL) 12:20.56. 5. Voorhees (SE) 12:28.63. 6. Kiesel (SE) 12:33.17. 7. Buchman (TC) 12:36.97. 8. Rodriguez (SMCC) 12:39.14.

100 hurdles: 1. Weimerskirch (Moh.) 15.70. 2. Thomas (SMCC) 16.04. 3. Lilly (Wyn.) 16.77. 4. Beck (Mv) 17.17. 5. Blair (Car.) 17.67. 6. Thierry (NL) 17.77. 7. Young (Wyn.) 17.78. 8. Case (BC) 18.54.

300 hurdles: 1. Weimerskirch (Moh.) 47.54. 2. Lilly (Wyn.) 48.48. 3. Thomas (SMCC) 49.95. 4. Stallings (SE) 50.55. 5. Beck (Mv) 51.48. 6. Ruffing (SE) 52.12. 7. Munroe (WR) 52.68. 8. Britton (BC) 53.98.

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