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Six youth honored with scholarships

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:54 PM

WILLARD - Huron County Farm Bureau believes in the future of youth, as they honored several farm bureau members heading off to further their education at colleges across the state.

They were honored at the recent annual meeting that was held in Willard at the Grace United Methodist Church.

Six local youth from across the county were honored with scholarships in the amount of $500 each. Annette Benich and Kevin Kaltenbach were the only two who could attend the annual meeting, the others were already attending college for the year. The other recipients included Craig Roth, Jessica Schafer, Sabrina Featheringill and Andrea Yaussy.

The Huron County Farm Bureau sent six youth to summer Farm Bureau camps across the state.

Those youth included Ashley Gies, Britney Stockmaster, Sterling Smith, Kevin Boehler, Emily Willis, Kyle Boehler. State farm bureau board members in attendance later commented that they really believe in the youth programs and the differences they see that the programs make and that they will continue setting aside funding for the programs.

Election of board members took place at the banquet with Doug Brown and Bill Ommert being re-elected for their area from the county and Steve Eden was elected as a board member for the first time. Huron County voting delegates to the 2008 annual Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting were selected and they will be Bob Cherry, Jill Cherry and Bill Harris.

Committee chairpersons were honored for their work in their appropriate committees they included: Bill Ommert, John Liles, Justin Martin, Dwight Cherry, Chandra French, Howard Verberg, Barrett French, John Brooks, Doug Brown and Jean Roth.

Ohio Farm Bureau trustees Sparky Weilnau and Gale Betterly spoke to the group about the changes that farm bureau is making.

They are restructuring goals and the way the counties programs are ran, to make things run smoother.

They also talked about the upcoming farm bill and where it stands in the house and senate. They also congratulated Huron County for being the first in the region and the state to have farmer gain in the membership drive, earlier this year.

Entertainment for the evening was by Jim Boedicker, an Allen County Farm Bureau member. He is a comedian/musician, who played the guitar and sang for those in attendance.

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