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Share your winter storm stories with us

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:48 PM

Question of the Week:

Share your winter storm stories with us.

Last week during the storm, or I should say after, I found out, that we have an ANGEL in our neighborhood.

He came down our street and plowed out EVERY sidewalk and driveway on both sides of the street with his snowblower. Not just once, but he made sure that we could get out if needed. When my husband went out to clear the steps, they were even done. As far as payment, you just hear a big "NO, that is not why I am doing it." He came back on Sunday when we had more snow.

Our neighborhood angel is Terry Randleman.

Rita, Bob and Toni Martin

This is a big thank you to the kind gentleman on a kubota who stopped and helped us finish clearing our driveway.

My husband and I are both seniors and even with a snowblower we had been working for almost three hours. We were very grateful for his help. What a great Samaritan.

Malcom and Joyce Pearce


I want to thank the young man who cleaned the snow off my sidewalk on the corner of Dudley and Forrest St. Wednesday afternoon. Thank you so much,

Howard Barman

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