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Say no to the Plymouth-Shiloh repeal petition

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

Recently community members have been going door-to-door trying to get signatures to place a measure on the ballot to repeal the school district income tax and operating levies. Some of the individuals do not understand what they will accomplish if it is repealed. This will close the school and all the students will be sent to other districts for their education.

Is this what the public wants? I, for one, do not believe that this is what the public wants, but negative publicity and misconceptions by the so-called C.A.R.E. organization have influenced numerous individuals to have a personal vendetta against the schools.

There are issues that have taken place in the past that made the public upset, but we need to deal with these issues by getting involved with the schools, not destroying a whole school system. The closing of the district would hurt the community more than help it. Plymouth would lose its largest employer, causing the house values to decrease, but local taxes to support the city to increase.

Shiloh would still not have a school in their town, but it would cause their children to be shipped farther away for their education. Individuals who are employed or are part of the school system that live in the district will move out of the area causing a lot of productive upstanding citizens to leave the community.

If you think that the teachers and administrators are only in this district for the money, then you need to investigate other districts and see that the teachers and administrators make significantly less than other districts that surround us. Do not take the word of individuals that only have negative things to say about the district.

It costs money to run a school system and to provide a quality education to the future generations. If the district was not performing well on statewide testing and grade cards, I could understand why people would think that the school is mismanaging money. The facts are the district performs at high level and we do a good job of educating our children.

I urge everyone to think about our children, and the effects this would have on us economically before they sign that repeal. If you have already signed the petition, but feel that you were mislead or have a change of mind contact the person and have your name removed or contact the board of elections.

Our students hold the future in their hands, and recently a couple of students have expressed concerns about the negative publicity from the public and their statement was "What about us!"

Jeremiah and Vanessa Balkin


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