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SCHOOL MATTERS - School is a student's job

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:59 AM

My child does not like his teacher. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this situation does occur occasionally. It sometimes can be helpful if you compare going to school with going to work. Your child needs to know that school is his job. In the workplace, some of us have to work with people we don't like. Sometimes we have a boss we don't like. We have to do the work anyway. Your child can learn an important lesson. He does not have to like his teachers. That's every student's right. However, it doesn't make a difference, he still has to do the work.

Work with him to set up consequences. If adults don't work, they lose their jobs. What will happen to him if he doesn't do his work? Will he have to go to summer school? Set up a list of the things that will happen if he doesn't do his work. Then let him make his choice...and then live with it.

Of course, you should also talk to your child's teachers. Tell them of your concerns. By working you can help provide the best possible education for your child.

You can use the upcoming parent-teacher conferences to build partnerships that improve your child's education. Parent-teacher conferences will be held during the next two weeks in the Norwalk City Schools. Before attending the conference, plan your questions ahead of time. Focus on what's important. During the conference, share information about your child, such as his/her strengths and weaknesses. This will give the teacher a better understanding of your child. Stay positive and look for solutions instead of focusing on problems. Before ending the conference, leave with a plan with steps to improve your child's performance. After a couple of weeks, contact the teacher to ask if the plan is working or if changes are needed.

Parent-teacher conferences will be held on the evenings of Thursday, Nov. 8 and Monday, Nov. 12. The elementary schools will also be holding additional conferences on Friday afternoon, Nov. 10.

Wayne Babcanec is superintendent of Norwalk City Schools.

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