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Roasts and Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Roast snow in April. Mother Nature has been cruel to Ohio already this year, but now she's added insult to injury with her April snows totaling more than 2 feet in some areas, making the Easter drive treacherous for some and threatening the already-low bee population. Plus, the snow has wiped out every game on the Indians' home schedule so far.

Toast the Norwalk Rotary Club's annual Pizza Bakeoff. The event gets bigger every year, with more pizzas sold and people in attendance than the last year. The bakeoff is a fun event for Norwalk residents who love their pizza and we appreciate the Rotary and Norwalk CIty Schools for all the work they do.

Roast the 67.9 cent spike in gas prices during the last 10 weeks. Prices spiked again last week curiously just in time for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately it seems inevitable that gas will break the $3 barrier again in the near future while oil executives enjoy record profits. Happy Easter.

Toast Main Street School for putting on "Are You Smarter Than a Main Streeter?" Not only was the event a fun activity, but it was an innovative way to help prepare students for the Ohio Achievement Tests in May. Norwalk City Council member Shane Penrose also deserves credit as the brains behind the activity. The game "taught to the test" while at the same time allowed for creative teaching.

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