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Roasts and Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:51 PM

Roast Eugene Wilson, of Milan, who was charged with his eighth DUI last week. He also has 28 license suspensions on his record. Wilson is a perfect poster case for why Ohio needs tougher drunk driving laws DUI is only a felony offense with five convictions in 20 years or four in six. Repeat drunk driving offenders need to face long prison sentences.

Toast a proposed tweak to the Ohio smoking ban that would allow some private clubs to be exempt from the ban if all workers are club members. While the smoking ban in public places is good for Ohioans' health sparing both patrons and employees the hazards of second-hand smoke private organizations that only have members present should be exempt, as are private homes. This adjustment will be reviewed next month along with the health department's overall regulations which should lead to long overdue fines and real enforcement of the ban within the next two months.

Roast the suspects in the brutal robbery of a Greenwich couple. The burglars beat the couple and tied them up in what one detective called "a very violent scene." The Huron County Sheriff's Office is offering a cash reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspects. If you or anyone you know has information, please come forward by calling (419) 663-2828 or you can leave an anonymous message at (419) 663-2820.

Toast Ohio State University, which plans to pay employees for improving their health. The program could save the school, and by extension the taxpayers, $35 million in health care costs by 2013. In today's world with health-care costs spiraling out of control, innovative programs like OSU's are the wave of the future.

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