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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM

Toast: Moms everywhere. Sunday is Mother's Day and we want to remind everybody now to do something special for their mothers. Not that you should need reminding. Your mother has been there since the very beginning. From the time we were babies, it was Mom who took care of us. That first day of school ... that time we scraped our knee ... that time we just needed somebody to hug. Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there. We love you.

Roast: This whole Greg Shell "road rage" case. It's been dragging on for more than a month and nobody wants to touch the hot potato. Shell, a local attorney, is accused of a road rage and "pushing incident" March 26. The other man involved has not been identified. Huron County is trying to move the case "because we have ongoing dealings with (Shell's) office and could present a conflict of interest," Law Director Jim Conway said. Steve Palmer, law director in Greenwich, kicked the case back because he has had dealings with Shell, as did Erie County. Haven't we seen this before with other cases? Former Monroeville Police Chief Mike White's name comes to mind. We seem to be spending too much money and too much time on minor cases. There should be an easier, and less expensive way to take care of something minor like this.

Toast: Retiring Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge Earl McGimpsey, who is passing his gavel to Jim Conway. McGimpsey spent the last 12 years on the bench and you hardly knew he was there. He was a quiet professional who did his job with little fanfare. He got worldwide attention with the Gravelle case, and whatever you think of the outcome, he deserves credit because, unlike many other judges in high-profile cases, he didn't make himself part of the story. McGimpsey spoke last week for the National Day of Prayer and did a masterful job. We wish McGimpsey good luck and many healthy years in his retirement.

Roast: To all of the sheep out there who call themselves gas station owners. We roasted the high gas prices last week, despite record profits by the oil companies. Nobody is happy with the high prices or the reasons oil companies are giving us. There used to be a day, however, when the stations would have some good old-fashioned gas wars. Now, when prices go up, they all go up together. In two weeks they have gone from $2.799 to $2.999 to $3.199. How about dropping the prices 20 cents at a time?

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