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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Toast Wakeman resident Sarah Yachanin for making the Cavalier Girls cheer squad.

Yachanin, 23 and a 2002 graduate of Western Reserve High School, tried out three other times for the team but did not make it. She just missed out the last two times, making it to the finals.

But she pushed forward and kept fighting, finally making it on her fourth attempt. "I went out with a lot more confidence than I had in the past," Yachanin said. "It was like go-time; I knew if I didn't make it I was probably going to have to move someplace else."

Congratulations. We'll be looking for you next season at the Q.

Roast the juveniles who were arrested for vandalizing the 110-year old War Memorial monument in New London. The rifle that the Civil War-era soldier was holding was broken into several pieces, most of which were taken away. We think the kids should be forced to pay to fix the statue, which could be very costly. And where are the parents or guardians? They also should be held accountable. Too many juveniles are getting away with too much because nobody is watching them at home.

Toast Norwalk resident and Monroeville High School graduate Chad Ackerman on his recent trip to Florida for a Major League Baseball tryout.

Ackerman, a 1998 Monroeville grad, now works for David Price Metals in Norwalk. We realize his odds of catching on with a team at his age are slim to none, but we applaud his efforts. His motivation stems from his life-long dream to play baseball and a conversation he had with his then 16-year-old brother, Nick, nine years ago. Nick was dying of cancer, and made Chad promise he would try out for the majors. Nick died six hours later.

Just making good on that promise is success enough.

Roast the power play Erie County officials are putting on Huron County about a proposed regional airport at NASA Plum Brook in Sandusky. NASA needs a 9,000-foot runway as close as possible to its facility and the FAA won't give certification and funding for another airport in the area unless an existing public airport closes. Erie County officials want Huron County to hand over its FAA certification.

Remember when you were a kid and that bully took your snack at the lunch table? That's what this sounds like to us. We need a lot more in return.

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