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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

Toast all those who donated to Kiley Baker's family. The family did not have insurance at the time of Kiley's horrific injury in which she lost her leg, but the community has given almost $19,000 through fundraisiers. Kiley's courage and determination is an incredible story, as is the overwhelming kindness that helped make it possible for her to receive a prosthetic leg later this week.

Roast Ohio Democrats in statewide office for hiring family members. Attorney General Marc Dann cursed out a reporter for the Warren Tribune Chronicle after he reported a woman Dann raised as a daughter landed a job in the secretary of state's office. This incident is not the first time the new regime of Democrats have hired the family members of allies Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is under heat for hiring the wife of Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman. There is nothing illegal, per say, about this practice, and perhaps both appointments were legitimate. But, after voters swept Democrats into office on the promise they would clean up the corruption in Columbus, these hirings have the appearance of favoritism and reek of hypocrisy.

Toast Megan Gates, the Monroeville dam festival coordinator. The second annual Dam Festival, which took place over the weekend, was another roaring success. The effort of Gates and others in the Monroeville community has helped the town find something unique to hang its hat on and the event really captures the spirit and imagination of that dam community.

Roast Environmental Protection Agency mandates that will force the city to raise water and sewer rates for the next five years. Norwalk residents were going to pay for the more than $15 million in EPA required projects one way or another, but that doesn't make swallowing the rate increases any easier. Once the city has completed this round of projects, perhaps the EPA will decide it has asked for enough but more likely more mandates are headed down the pipeline.

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