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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:53 PM

Toast the Norwalk school board for rejecting a proposal to start random drug testing at school. Instead, the board will pursue a much better alternative an educational strategy. The board did its due diligence and investigated the matter, but in the end came to the right conclusion that there is no evidence that the expensive drug testing process actually curbs drug use.

Roast the state agencies that have no policies restricting public employees from using private e-mail accounts for official business. The governor and attorney general have warned public officials and employees that there is no difference between a public and private e-mail address if they're doing state business. However, Attorney General Marc Dann admits it is an "honor" system. Ohioans' right to public documents should not be subject to politicians' "honor."

Toast a proposed amendment to the state's budget that would allow operators of small Ohio wineries to sell their wine by mail and to put their products in grocery stores without using a distributor. Anything that helps give local businesses a leg up is good for the state. Let's face it, Ohio residents have been enjoying a nice merlot responsibly, of course without this provision for years, so the state should make it easier for that wine to come from the Buckeye state, rather than California or overseas.

Roast all the people who stole newspapers from Reflector racks in order to get free tickets to the Norwalk raceway's opening weekend. Rather than pay 50 cents for the paper and get the free tickets the right way, about a third of those papers were stolen. People who abuse these promotions run the risk of ruining it for everyone in the future.

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