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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Toast: Toast the Norwalk VFW for working to save the city's Fourth of July fireworks show. While the service organization makes no promises that it will be able to pull it off, it plans to try and raise the money (about $13,000) and gather the volunteers needed to put on the annual display. Whether they are successful or not, the VFW deserves a round of applause for its willingness to take on a daunting challenge.

Roast: Roast developer KG&R for again failing on a project, this time in Chillicothe. KG&R made a bevy of broken promises to fix up the former Huron County human services building on Benedict Avenue and turn it into senior housing right up until the bank foreclosed on the property, which goes to sheriff's auction today for the second time. The developer continues to have trouble doing simple things like, you know, paying taxes this time in the southern Ohio city of Chillicothe. We hope their reputation will proceed them for a long, long time.

Toast: all of Huron County's volunteers. The Huron County Soil and Water District honored some of their volunteers from Christie Lane last week in celebration of National Volunteer Week. All of the county's wonderful volunteer organizations deserve a pat on the back for the work that they do. If you know someone who volunteers, be sure to thank them and remind them their efforts are not forgotten.

Roast: the village of Monroeville for considering asking Mike Sitterly to take down the two-foot pole he put up to stop semis from destroying his sidewalk and landscape. Only in Monroeville could the issue of a two-foot pole cause a problem. Admittedly, the pole is in the village's right of way and frankly, we aren't sure if a two-foot pole would actually deter a semi from running over the curb anyway but if both sides agree it works, then the village should be thanking Sitterly, because he is not only protecting his property, but the village's as well.

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