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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:01 PM

Toast the city of Norwalk and the parks and recreation department for the improvements made to the access road at Veterans Memorial Lake Park. The back entrance, adjacent to Executive Drive, was replaced and trees were removed to improve the drainage. It's a beautiful park enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.

Toast all of you who braved the crowds to spend your money on Black Friday. Despite all of the doomsday predictions, sales were up and people were are willing to spend some money. The economy needs a boost, and this is a good start. Speaking of spending money, today is Cyber Monday when everybody hits the Internet.

Roast everybody who spent all day shopping on the Internet vacation is over, get back to work.

Toast the efforts of Tom Neel and the New London Area Historical Society on getting a historical marker to commemorate the 1963 Fitchville nursing home fire that killed 63 people. It happened on the same day John F. Kennedy was killed and overlooked by most media outlets. It's something that should be remembered and we applaud all of the hard work by this fine organization.

Roast the crazy drivers who always seem to appear around the holidays. Everybody is in a hurry and many people fail to use any common sense. Throw in a little alcohol and you really have a mess. We join with area police officials who say slow down and use a designated driver. Let's keep the holidays a cheerful time.

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