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Reuse items at the beach

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:50 PM

The beach is a great place to bring items to reuse.

Pam Hansberger, who serves as the assistant coordinator for the Huron County Solid Waste Management District, submitted the following suggestions for young beach-goers.

First, to carry your beach tools, try an ice cream bucket, or a mesh bag reused from the potatoes, oranges or onions mom and dad brought.

Next, think sand-caste building. Pringles cans make great towers. Whipped topping containers make great sand molds, too. All sizes of yogurt containers can be used for buildings or stacked together for walls. Don't forget to save your TV dinner trays to use as a draw bridge.

Straws make great flag poles and can connect cup molds together as fences. Don't forget scoops from drink mixes and ground coffee. These are ideal for digging our rivers or moats.

One last note: Mrs. Hansberger reminds beach-goers to bring home or properly dispose of any items that they brought with them. Don't leave anything behind, she says, noting that plastic items, if they litter the water or beach, pose a safety concern for people and birds. For more information on local recycling and waste reduction programs, call (419) 663-8059.

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