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Retired Norwalk school chief supports Lendrum and Grose

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:58 AM

John Lendrum has been a member of the Norwalk City Schools Board of Education since 1996. Along with his fellow board members, he has given generously of his time, resources, and knowledge to ensure that the children of the district would have the best possible education. This was particularly evident during the passage of the bond issue to build the new high school and during the construction phase. He is a man of intelligence and good judgment who always puts the needs of the children first.

While I have not worked with Mike Grose as a board member (I had retired before he was elected) I have consistently observed that he has done an excellent job in that position. I did work with him when he served the district as a teacher, coach, and athletic director and remember his dedication to the students with whom he worked.

In Norwalk, we are fortunate to have a public school system that has seen rising test scores, increasing student enrollments, and financial strength and stability for a number of years. I would encourage voters to vote for John Lendrum and Mike Grose to maintain these high standards.

Virginia H. Poling

Retired Superintendent

Norwalk City Schools

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