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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:55 PM



Beneficial Ohio, Inc. dba Beneficial Mortgage Company to Charles E. Barnett, 148 Miles Ave., $59,000.

Rakay, Inc. to Carmelo Ruta, Inc., 1120 E. Main St.

Arthur J. and Elizabeth R. Bertsch or survivor to Steven K. and Donna M. Hirt, 364 High St.

David R. Barnhart to Kathleen M. and Dennis B. Fox or survivor, 945 Monroe St., $26,973.

Michael R. and Susan L. Stutzman or survivor to Michael R. Stutzman, 203 High St.


Thomas and Erika G. Ehler to Thomas and Erika G. Ehler or survivor, 47 Tilton St.

New London

Jack J. Massey and Nancy J. Werdebaugh or survivor to Robert P. Lewis, 51 Grove St., $135,000.


David Kluding aka David R. Kluding to Connie J. Kluding, 182 Benedict Ave.

Elizabeth V. Nippell, trustee to Deette Zimmerman, successor trustee, 45 Warren Drive.

Brian D. Miller to Jayson A. Selgo, 38 Stoutenburg Drive, $110,000.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Ralph D. and Mary E. Rickel or survivor, 23 Falcon Crest Drive, $168,000.

Jerald J. MacMurray and Dean A. Shelley to Thomas R. and Darlene K. Urich or survivor, 37 E. League St., $92,000.

Tricia R. Wineman to Kathryn M. Cillo, 19 N. West St., $110,000.

Cale L. and Jean M. Krebs or survivor to John A. Beck, 146 Benedict Ave., $98,000.

Lawrence C. Muller to Lawrence C. Muller, trustee, 51 Old State Road.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marsha E. Smith, 11 Willard Ave.

Edward J. Morrison to Gregory K. and Valerie A. Puckett or survivor, 1 Seitz Way, $168,500.

Carol L. Baltes to Carol L. Baltes, trustee, 4 Dudley Blvd.

Ralph N. and Judith A. Kettel or survivor to Ralph N. Kettel, 41 Parsons St.

Emery Back to William T. Nelson, 73 Glover Ave., $60,000.


Raymond L. and Marjetta White or survivor, to Renee A. Zajdel, 51 Mechanic St., $116,000.


Nelda M. Bores to Cindy Lou Trimner and Daniel Bevier, 529 Maple St.

Francis J. Pflieger to Francis J. and Anna F. Pflieger, trustees, 17 Woodland Ave.

Kristy L. Brownell and Michael Risner or survivor to FCI National Fund II LLC, 125 Washington St., $30,000.

Larry K. and Linda J. Coffey to Linda J. Coffey, 308 W. Emerald St.

Richard E. and Deborah L. Feltner or survivor to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 629 Pleasant St.

Hazel Chaffins to Spencer W. Patton, 511 W. Maple St., $58,500.

David M. and Amanda J. Snyder or survivor to Sirva Relocation Credit, Inc., 912 Armstrong St., $125,250.

Sirva Relocation Credit, Inc. to Richard A. Dannemiller II, 912 Armstrong St., $125,250.


Bronson Twp.

Ravin and Louise Fields to Yvonne J. Jump, 1126 Peru-Olena Road, $93,000.

Clarksfield Twp.

Richard H. Smith to Richard H. Smith, trustee, 905 Chenango Road.

Brian C. and Janice E. Wicks to Green Tree Servicing LLC, 6101 Zenobia Road, $35,000.

Robert P. and Lisa A. Lewis or survivor to Christopher J. and Jennifer B. Keener or survivor, 1790 Chenango Road, $264,000.

Fitchville Twp.

Anthony J. Dellisanti, et al to Anthony J. and Nancy L. Dellisanti or survivor, Fitchville River Road.

Anthony J. Dellisanti et al to Anthony J. and Nancy L. Dellisanti or survivor, Fayette Road.

Anthony J. Dellisanti et al to Mark A. and Diane M. Schaffer or survivor, U.S. 250, Fayette Road, Fitchville River Road, $488,880.

JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee to Dutch Fork Capital LLC, 2435 Crescent Road, $9,003.

Dutch Fork Capital LLC to Jennie Conrad, 2435 Crescent Road, $32,500.

Hartland Twp.

Countrytyme Lodi Ltd. to Clifford W. Spaulding, 131 U.S. 250 South, $135,000.

Barbara Sura with life estate of Kenneth G. and Beatrice L. Hahn or survivor to Barbara Sura with life estate of Beatrice L. Hahn or survivor, 3570 Ohio 18.

Lyme Twp.

Locust Knoll Farms a partnership to Ian M. and Brandi J. Fultz or survivor, Sand Hill Road, $10,000.

Kenton D. Sherman, trustee to Kenton D. Sherman, trustee, 4971 Opperman Road.

Norwalk Twp.

Gene C. and Phyllis J. Ackerman to Gene C. Ackerman, 2814 South Meadow Lane.

Jeffrey R. Bleile to Todd and Tina Moore or survivor, Lais Road, $5,000.

Jeffrey R. Bleile to Hilary H., Jr. and Mary Jane Timmis or survivor, 744 Lais Road, $650,000.

Catawba Road Company LLC to Catawba Road Company LLC, 351 Milan Ave.

Jack and Mary Lou Davis or survivor to Thomas L. and Ellen S. Barrows or survivor, 4880 Ohio 601, $193,900.

Peru Twp.

Ruth E. Imperi to Ruth E. Imperi and David A. Masters or survivor, 3540 Troy Mills Road.

Ridgefield Twp.

WA Investment Company, Ltd. to Adam R. Myers, 1962 Webb Settlement Road, $118,450.

Ripley Twp.

David S. Spencer and Gloria J. Brown to David S. Spencer and Gloria J. Brown or survivor, 66 Baseline Road.

Wakeman Twp.

Dale K. and Barbara Krausher, trustees to Casey M. and Tina L. Rowe or survivor, 4263 U.S. 20.

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