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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:46 PM



Hortenia Mora aka Hortensia Mora to Samuel J. Mora, 116 Wood St.


Kathryn A. Greilich to Thomas Greilich, 98 West St.

Thomas Greilich to Thomas and Judith M. Greilich or survivor, 98 West St.

Ethel M. Anderson to Lois Hoover et al, 374 Monroe St.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chad Holbrook, 285 Monroe St.

New London

National City Bank to Shadrach H. and Stacey L. Dvorak or survivor, 65 Park Ave., $50,000.

Jarod T. Moffit to Jose G. Olivo and Vanessa K. Smith, 10 Buckeye St., $85,500.


Thomas N. Jr. and Kail M. Borders, Jr. or survivor to Thomas N. Borders, Jr., 19 High St.

Chevalier R. Homan to Irma J. Franklin, 28 Amber Way, $223,000.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Roy R. and Linda S. Pierce, trustees, 7 Falcon Crest Drive, Unit A, $150,000.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Annette J. Walsh, 7 Falcon Crest Drive, Unit B, $150,240.

Nancy Lou Sukke, successor trustee to Matthew A. Schaffer and Linda C. Salapata, 11 Par Court, $194,000.

Joseph F. and Janice M. Fisher or survivor to Michael L. Moffit, Jr. and Monica S. Lugar or survivor, 48 Fruen St., $95,000.

Thomas and Patricia Sprowl to Thomas L. and Patricia A. Sprowl or survivor, 1 and 3 Cline St.

Michael W. and Doreen E. Foley or survivor to Joseph F. and Janice M. Fisher or survivor, 104 Sycamore Drive, $157,500.

Dawna J. Kirby to Dawna J. Kirby and Maureen A. Hafner or survivor, 5 Westwind Drive.

Peter J. III and Julie C. Amato or survivor to Aaron L. and Tracy L. Teel or survivor, 202 Williams St., $117,500.

Sharon Brutsche to Randy Staub and Courtney Blanton or survivor, 85 Christie Ave., $90,000.

Kip E. and Sharon M. Miller or survivor to Victor G. II and Suzanne M. Hostetter or survivor, 13 Queen Anne Way, $300,000.

Michael C. Cooper to Michael C. and Carol Ann Cooper or survivor, 258 and 260 Milan Ave.


Novastar Mortgage, Inc. to Zachery C. Jordon, 31 Depot St., $64,000.


Wes Gardner Building & Decorating, Inc. to Jeffrey E. and Nellie Gayle Gardner or survivor, 601 E. Tiffin St., $81,000.

Hubert C. Carmichael and Virginia R. Barrison or survivor to Virginia R. Barrison, 417 First St. John H. and Donna R. Kousma, trustees to Samuel and Donna Denise Wright or survivor, 6 Hillcrest Drive, $124,000.

Jennifer Izelyn Turner to Van E. Allen, 218 S. Main St., $32,500.


Bronson Twp.

Seitz Design and Construction, Inc. to Thomas A. and Julie G. Baker or survivor, Mallard Pointe Drive, $59,000.

Clarksfield Twp.

Roger K. Biddle, trustee to Dan-D Farms, Inc. and Soboslai Farms, Inc., 496 Monroe Road, $260,000.

Harold and Mavis Abner to Harold and Mavis Abner or survivor to 2018 Fitchville River Road.

Fairfield Twp.

Eric S. Wilhelm et al to Charles W., Sr. and Samantha White or survivor, 1081 New State Road, $80,000.

Home Savings & Loan Company of Youngstown, Ohio to Charles H. and Mary M. Krisher or survivor, 1000 New State Road, $55,000.

Greenfield Twp.

Kevin F. Arnold, trustee to FYM Real Estate LLC, Sandy Trail.

Robert E. Wallace and Robin Root or survivor to Robin Root Wallace, 1855 Olive Road.

Hartland Twp.

D & K Enterprises a partnership to John M. Capek, Jr., Court Road, $38,000.

New Haven Twp.

John M. Hall to Freda Rowe, 2811 Electric Ave., $800.

Faith Wiers and James Corwin, trustees to Faith Wiers, trustee.

Faith Wiers, trustee to David A. and Lora A. Wiers, Bouman Road.

David A. and Lora A. Wiers to Faith Wiers, trustee, Bouman Road, $18,000.

Gloria J. Isaac in care of Gloria Hovatter to Franklin Credit Management Corporation, 2478 U.S. 224, $45,600.

Franklin Credit Management Corporation to Michael D. and Rebecca A. Taylor, 2478 U.S. 224, $29,900.

7 Cousins Land Company an Ohio General Partner to Lawrence L. and Ann K. Rigg, Neal Zick Road, $2,986.

Norwich Twp.

J. J. and L. Click, trustees to Jerry Click, Jr., 6064 Townline Road 12.

Jerry Click, Jr. to Lester E., Sr. and Clara Sexton or survivor, 6064 Townline Road 12, $126,000.

Richmond Twp.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas as trustee to Linda L. Ciotto, 4340 Kirkwood Drive, $70,900.

Thomas W. and Lori A. Leis or survivor to Anthony and Norma Leis or survivor, 5689 U.S. 224 W., $18,000.

Ripley Twp.

Matthew G. and Tina M. McGahhey or survivor to Tina M. McGahhey, 4215 Greenwich-Milan Townline Road.

Sherman Twp.

Carol A. Lepley aka et al to Marvin R. and Christine E. Bumb or survivor, Section Line Road 30, $120,000.

Townsend Twp.

Erin L. Archibold in care of Erin Dotson to Sandra K. Meinen, 3794 Medusa Road, $65,000.

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