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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:19 PM



Paul D. and Donna J. Schaffer to Paul D. and Donna J. Schaffer or survivor, 175 N. Buckeye St.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Robert and Brooke Bates or survivor, 19 Senior Drive, $119,900.


George and Irma R. Schild or survivor to George Schild, 4246 Peru Center Road North.

George Schild to David G. Schild, trustee, 4246 Peru Center Road North.

David G. Schild, trustee to David G. Schild, 4246 Peru Center Road North.

New London

Shared Vision Investment to New London Area Historical Society, 13 E. Main St., 24 S. Railroad St., $47,000.

New London Investment LLC to Wilma I. Frate, 88 Sherman St., $122,000.


James H. and Jennie C. Harkness to James H. Harkness, 72 Glover Ave.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Floyd and Aaron Krause or survivor, 19 Falcon Crest Drive, $155,000.

Larry E. and Margaret A. Reed or survivor to U.S. Bank National Association trustee, 89 Woodlawn Ave., $75,000.

Erin K. Herborn to Erin K. Herborn and Jason M. Beat or survivor, 41 Cline St.

Ernest G. and Rosemary Pisko to Ernest G. and Rosemary Pisko or survivor, 61 Parsons St.

Elizabeth and Pedro E. Roblero or survivor to Melissa A. Lee and Jacob R. Nelson or survivor, 37 Spring St., $95,500.


Darrell R. Wilson to Jesse and Kimberly L. Tuttle, 143 Walnut St., $73,000.

Michael J. and Hazel Barnett to Hutton Company Ohio LLC with life estate of M. J. and H. Barnett, 215 Sandusky St., $120,950.


William J. and Sarah B. Yakunovich or survivor to Jamie L. Crawford, 25 Pleasant St., $93,000.


Curtis D. and Geneva Barnett or survivor to Stephen J. and Deborah A. Heydinger or survivor, Armstrong Street, $135,000.

HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. to Darrell R. and Debra L. Wilson or survivor, 12 Euclid St., $20,000.

Fannie Mae to Darrell R. Wilson, 706 Clark St., $55,000.

Woodrow Jones, Sr. and Woodrow Jones, Jr. to Woodrow Jones, Sr. and Church of God Mountain Assembly, Front Street, $12,000.

John M. and Samantha aka Samantha V. Ellis or survivor to Green Tree Servicing LLC, 518 Woodbine St., $50,000.


Bronson Twp.

Barbara Green to Barbara Stoll, 1785 Greenwich Milan Townline Road.

Clarksfield Twp.

Joseph P. and Zola G. Werle to Joseph P. or Zola G. Werle, co-trustees, 4956 Eaton Road.

Fairfield Twp.

Richard and Cheryl A. Lucal or survivor to Steven E. and Laurie A. Easler or survivor, Greenwich Milan Townline Road, $124,000.

Hartland Twp.

Dennis and Bonnie Wadsworth or survivor to Michael T. Myers and Jessica A. Fannin or survivor, 1736 Scranton Road, $88,900.

Lyme Twp.

Craig J. Lepley et al to David E. and Jeffrey A. Lepley, Ohio 4, Young Road, and Prairie Road.

New Haven Twp.

Davey P. and Kathy M. Huddleston or survivor to GRP Loan LLC, 2782 Ohio 103, $106,000.

Barbara J. Slessman in care of Barbara J. Hendrickson to Bradford R. Hendrickson, trustee, Baseline Road.

Norwalk Twp.

Marjorie A. Newcomer in care of M. Newcomer Guilfoil to Mark A. Schaffer, 419 S. Norwalk Road, $104,000.

Fred L. Hurst to Fred L. Hurst, trustee, 4176 Ohio 601.

Algia M. and Doris L. Billingsley or survivor to Doris L. Billingsley, 727 Ohio 61.

Carl J. and Arlene A. King to Carl J. and Arlene A. King or survivor, 75 S. Old State Road.

Maria Temple with life estate Bernard W. Schaffer to Maria Temple, 1337 S. Norwalk Road.

Norwich Twp.

Donna S. Hicks to Bobby Hicks, Jr., 2483 Miller Road, $10,000.

Peru Twp.

Howard C. Gies et al to Frank J. Gies et al, 2813 Peru West Sectionline Road, Peru Center Road, Hettle Road.

Richmond Twp.

Paul and Kathleen Cole to John Robinson, 4270 Washburn Road, $4,000.

Ridgefield Twp.

David H. Stang to David H. and Kimberly A. Stang or survivor, 3950 Ohio 547.

Pauline A. Cring to Steven J. Pierce, 4070 Drake Road, $101,000.

Townsend Twp.

Renee L. Carroll to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee, 4430 W. Collins Road, $56,667.

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