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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:53 PM



Glenda Ann Baughn to David F. Baughn, 413 E. Center St., $45,000.

Midfirst Bank to Kevin and Cynthia Vickery or survivor, 317 Lyme St., $31,588.

Cory A. Sheward to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustee, 114 Elm St., $37,334.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Johnson, Jr., 19 N. Kniffin St.

Thomas M. and Sheryl A. Dupee or survivor to Roger Scott June and Lesley Kay Cooper or survivor, 79 Seminary St., $195,500.

Bart A. and Maria E. Morris or survivor to Rory G. Schwab, 29 Main St., $38,000.

Lance Mitchell to U.S. Bank National Association as trustee, 23 Orchard St., $40,000.


Margaret F. Lucas to Steven K. and Bunnie L. Brown or survivor, 6 Hillcrest Court, $189,000.

New London

Robin Industries, Inc. to Wag Ventures LLC, Ohio 60, $75,000.

S. K. Cooke Excavating, Inc. to Bradley S. Kidd, 26 S. Railroad St., $50,000.


Kevin A. and Karen L. Stoddard or survivor to Carl G. Exx and Pamela J. Derby or survivor, 29 Seminary St., $78,000.

Clyde R. Bellamy with life estate et al to R. J. Bellamy et al, 29 E. Chestnut St.

William F. and Olive M. Colich, trustees to Rebecca A. Riley, 7 Deer Track Trail, $132,000.

Brian H. and Mary Anne Dickson or survivor to GMAC Mortgage, 211 Benedict Ave., $189,000.

Melissa Cleavenger to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustee, 15 Corwin St., $38,250.

Aaron R. Kalizewski to Kevin R. Meyer, 91 Christie Ave., $135,500.


First Citizens Bank successor in interest to Kevin L. and April L. Meyer or survivor, 156 Walnut St., $20,000.

Billy A. Sexton to Scott Vanloo, 78 Woodland St.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Victor J. Predmore, 202 Park St., $39,500.

Gayle Hershiser, trustee to Coley and Joyce Wicker or survivor, 320 Long St., $86,000.


Bronson Twp.

Gary D. and Laurie Holmer or survivor with life estate of A. J. and G. T. Holmes to Wesley A. Holmer with life estate of A. J. and G. T. Holmes, New State Road.

Gary D. and Laurie Holmer with life estate of A. J. and G. T. Holmer to Gary D. Holmer et al, 1478 New State Road.

Mary A. Carabin to Robert A. and Jacqueline A. Bundschuh or survivor, 161 Townline Road 151, $226,000.

Mary Elizabeth and Ralph D. Rickel to Glenna S. and Ralph H. Bache, trustees, 23 Briarcrest Drive, $280,000.

Clarksfield Twp.

Boyd Martin to Bradley J. and Angela M. Winkle or survivor, 2300 Ohio 60, $162,000.

Fitchville Twp.

Steven A., Sr. and Jodie L. Logan or survivor to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 2674 U.S. 250.

Greenfield Twp.

Michaela K. and Raymond P. Bouman or survivor to Douglas N. and Carol A. Lawton, Meadowview Road, $50,500.

Greenwich Twp.

Steven A., Sr. and Jodi L. Logan or survivor to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 2690 U.S. 250.

Lyme Twp.

K. Fleet Dillon, trustee to Northern Ohio Rural Water, Ohio 113, $12,000.

New London Twp.

William G. II and Elaina C. Maze or survivor to Joseph J. and Kimberly S. Bynum or survivor, 5545 Fayette Road, $160,000.

Norwalk Twp.

J & M Contractors, Inc. to Timothy W. and Annamarie Byers or survivor, 5140 Tomahawk Drive, $249,900.

Jean Fishback et al to Jean Fishback et al, 641 Seminary Road.

Samuel E. Springer to Van J. Pritt, 591 Seminary Road, $100,000.

George H. Austin and Karen S. Fowler to George H. Austin, trustee, 5070 U.S. 250.

George H. Austin to Karen S. Austin, trustee, 5202 U.S. 250.

Donald H. Osborn to Donald H. Osborn, trustee, 4961 Old State Road.

Norwich Twp.

Kenneth E. and Shirley Lynn Mahl or survivor to Kenneth E. and Shirley L. Mahl, trustees, 4400 Ohio 162 West.

Kenneth E. and Shirley L. Mahl or survivor to Kenneth E. and Shirley L. Mahl, trustees, Ohio 162 West.

Peru Twp.

Sharon A. Myers, trustee to Jefferey C. and Laura J. Nickoli or survivor, Remelle Road, $500.

Christopher John and Miley Zinn or survivor to Christopher John Zinn aka Christopher Zinn, 3346 Pontiac Sectionline Road.

Sherman Twp.

David P. Bumb to Charlotte Letitia Bumb, Heyman Road.

David P. Bumb et al to Nathaniel Patrick Bumb, Pontiac Sectionline Road.

Townsend Twp.

Shane A. and Crystal Stieber or survivor to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 3982 Hartland Center Road.

Andrew P. and Faith E. Rospert or survivor to William R. Hubbard, Jr., 2321 Collins Road, $161,000.

Mary H. Miller aka Mary Helen Miller to Tammy L. Bilton, 3433 Liles Road, $92,500.

Wakeman Twp.

George Henry, Jr. and Peggy L. Dalton or survivor to George H. Dalton and George H. Dalton, Jr., 5984 Lincoln Road.

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