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Real Estate Transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:52 PM



Jared W. Singleton and Mindy M. Hemenway or survivor to Janet M. Singleton, 125 Walnut St.

Rannel P. and Barbara A. Horsley to Rannel P. Horsley et al, 120 Harkness St.

Marvin W. and Brenda S. Rettig or survivor to Christopher D. Hogue, 146 Robert Ave., $100,000.

Aaron J. and Denise E. Slone to Bank of New York Trust Company, 1011 E. Main St., $53,334.

Roger F., Sr. and Shelley J. Hemmer or survivor to Shelley J. Hemmer, 123 Orchard St.

William R. and Ella May Whitehead or survivor to Ella May Whitehead, 303 Brinker St.


Sandra M. Dendinger and Shawna Shaffer or survivor to Shawna Shaffer, 17 Market St.

John E. and Kathleen M. Cook or survivor to Judi L. Emch, 24 N. Kniffin St.


Lois Hoover et al to Michael A. and Laurel A. Hoover or survivor, 374 Monroe St., $24,000.

Thomas A. and Susan P. Krick or survivor to Lee E. Schnell, 28 Horseshoe Drive, $89,500.

Ruth M. and Richard J. Smith or survivor to Richard J. Smith, 55 Fulton St.

New London

Phyllis J. Edwards to Heath and Marianna White or survivor, 180 New London Ave., $180,000.

Edward and Janet E. Hamilton, trustees or survivor to Chad Bilton, 110 S. Main St., $101,500.

Donald H. and Connie J. McKerahan or survivor to Donald H. McKerahan et al, 40 N. Maple St.


Laura Alvarez to Kellie L. Wilhelm, 35 Pitt St., $88,000.

John D. and Mary Jo Moyer or survivor to Mary Jo Moyer, 3 Ridgewood Drive.

Ronald Summerfield to Bartholomew E. and Erica A. Kluding, 28 Parsons St., $121,500.

Virginia I. Hipp to Benjamin C. Mayse, 9 N. Garden St., $90,500.

Gold Castle Properties Ltd. to Kevin Hipp, 30 Benedict Ave., $60,000.

Elizabeth M. Zorn to Mark A. and Kail E. Shope or survivor, 18 Norwood Ave., $47,500.

Cindie M. Byrd to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 166 E. Main St., $63,334.

Jeffrey D. and Cathy L. Frederick or survivor to Henry Bickerstaff, 17 Stoutenburg Drive, $133,500.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Eugene and Sylvia Burcaw or survivor, 3 Falcon Crest Drive, $131,500.

Lawrence S. and Jerilyn K. Reichel or survivor to Sandra S. Waggoner, 26 Rosedale Ave., $128,000.

Orville and Paula Platte aka O. Jr. and P. J. or survivor to Federal National Mortgage Association, 40 W. Washington St., $56,667.

Richard B. Suhr to Timothy F. and Connie C. Morsher or survivor, 285 E. Main St., $235,000.

Robin R. Hasselbach to Leonard L. and Diana L. Meurer or survivor, 178 Benedict Ave., $144,500.

James N. and Marlene E. Butts or survivor to Ryan A. and Jennifer A. Auck or survivor, West Main Street, $29,900.

Bruce O. Bowers to David L. and Martha D. Rice, co-trustees, 18 Fairwood Ave., $163,100.

SBS Norwalk LLC et al in care of 360 Corporate Cir to JDS Properties Norwalk Ltd., 84 Whittlesey Ave.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to James A. and Nancy L. Gassman, trustees, 11 Whitetail Way, Unit B, $156,600.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to James D. and Robin S. Christman or survivor, 11 Whitetail Way, Unit C, $161,955.

Terrance A. and Elaine V. Fitzgerald or survivor to Tom and Jakes Glass Bar, Inc., 43 E. Main St., $46,000.

Henry and Kristine M. Bickerstaff or survivor to Daniel G. and Valerie A. Ringenberg or survivor, 20 Old Orchard Loop, $295,000.

Ronald P. and Cynthia A. Orosz or survivor to Cynthia A. Orosz, 4 White Tail Way, Unit B.

Wesley O. Reineck to Wesley O. and Torri L. Reineck, 38 Chatham St.

Frances J. and Ann J. Sofios to Sofios Rentals N. Ltd., Old State Road, Gallup Avenue, Eastwood Drive rear, 10-11-12 Blossom Drive, Parsons Street, Republic Street, 101 Parsons St.

Ann Sofios et al to Ann and Francine Sofios, 160 Benedict Ave.

Ann and Francine Sofios to Ann and Francine Sofios or survivor, 160 Benedict Ave.

James D. and Susan E. Kasten or survivor to Susan E. Kasten, 6 Jamie Way.

Anne Elizabeth Day to Anne E. Day, trustee, 218 W. Main St.

Apple Wood Grove LLC an Ohio Limited Liability to Linda S. and Samuel K. Linville, 3 Jonathon Lane, $23,500.

Ryan Myers to Stuart A. and Donna L. Young or survivor, 171 St. Marys St., $117,500.


Donna McMillin to Randy and Kathy A. Kessler or survivor, 69 Woodland St., $51,238.


RKB Homes Ltd. to Richard D. III and Karly A. Westfall, 38 Abbott St., $102,500.


James E. Hamons to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 235 Spring St., $43,334.

Ronald E. Watkins to Roberto J. Lopez, 610 Dale Ave., $86,000.

Nathan A. Bellamy to Tina L. Cofer, 423 Woodland Ave., $56,500.

Argle E. Runion, Jr. to Roger Donnamiller, 222 West Ave., $43,500.

Judy Kilgore to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, 111 Maple St., $61,625.

Shawn R. and Theresa M. Bankes or survivor to Citimortgage, Inc., 411 W. Emerald St., $60,000.

Argle E. Runion, Jr. to Leonard Paul Blair Bishop of Toledo, West Street.

Phyllis Jane Cox et al to Phyllis D. Hill, 404 W. Emerald St.

Patricia A. Kovacs, trustee to John M. Buss, 605 Euclid St., $69,000.

Wes Gardner Building & Decorating, Inc. to Doris Funk and Velma Starkey, trustees, 9 June Drive, $158,000.

CCM Properties LLC to Renee Miller, trustee, 501-538 Quail Creek Drive


Bronson Twp.

Leroy A. and Beverly L. Stober or survivor to Daniel M. Stober, Ohio 60, Vesta Road, Ferry Road.

Clarksfield Twp.

Angelo Rivera to Gregory L. Stockle Sr. and Laurie A. Irwin or survivor, 475 Butler Road, $119,900.

Fitchville Twp.

Randy L. and Sharon D. King or survivor to Cecil C. and Connie G. Carty, 3883 Prospect Road, $136,000.

Greenfield Twp.

Todd E. and Bethany A. Fox to Samuel S. Ames and Carrie L. Oney or survivor, 549 Lisa Lane, $83,500.

Kevin D. and Theresa J. Austin or survivor to Kevin D. Austin, 207 Peru Center Road.

Thomas J. Ruppert to Roman J. Ruppert, Lakeside Lane.

Richard P. and Hilda R. Buss to Hilda R. Buss, 935 Evergreen Circle.

Hartland Twp.

David L. and Martha D. Rice, trustees to Robert A. Anderson, 627 Derussey Road, $171,500.

Russell and Patricia Ann Montgomery or survivor to Russell Montgomery, 3045 Court Road.

New Haven Twp.

Emma Vanicheck with life estate Mary R. Burns to Mary R. Burns, 3515 Ohio 61.

Mary R. Burns to Mary R. Burns, trustee, 3515 and 3531 Ohio 61.

Milton P. and Ruth E. Kalmbach or survivor to Ruth E. Kalmbach, Buckingham Road, Bullhead Road, East Broadway Road, Celeryville Road, Ohio 598, and May Road.

New London Twp.

Gary L. and Nancy A. Hartley or survivor to Clyde and Lorraine L. King, 4698 Ohio 162, $118,000.

Herbert, Jr. and Patricia A. Harsar or survivor to Herbert Harsar, Jr., 5581 Cook Road.

Ransom W. and Charmaine Adams or survivor to Ransom W. and Charmaine N. Adams, co-trustees, 2566 Euclid Road.

Norwalk Twp.

Loren and Cynthia Eppler to Michael L. Newton, Seminary Road, $15,000.

Daniel C. and Patricia E. Shupe or survivor to Gregory A. and Sarah B. Reynolds or survivor, Seminary Road, $11,000.

Jane Kromer aka Elsie Jane Kromer to Juliann M. Barnhart, 1220 Ohio 61.

Norwich Twp.

Laetta G. and Albert J. Long, trustees to Laetta G. Long, trustee, 771 Thomas Road.

Peru Twp.

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Paul E. Bollinger, 3878 Peru West Section Line Road, $45,000.

Richmond Twp.

Joseph R. and Debbra A. Rohrback or survivor to Joseph R. Rohrback, 4472 Willard West Road.

Mark A. and Cynthia A. Provenzale to Andrew J. and Danielle N. Harvey or survivor, 3283 Austin Drive, $123,000.

Timothy J., Jr. and Kimberly A. Pugh or survivor to Kimberly A. Pugh, 3165 Lamar Court.

Reva Montgomery with life estate et al to Bernard Montgomery et al, 5545 Bullhead Road.

Ridgefield Twp.

Richard A. and Rose Marie Fritz to Richard Alvin and Rose Marie Fritz, 2900 Fritz Road.

Richard and Nancy Gfell or survivor to Bethany J. and Mitchell J. Smith or survivor, 5190 Ohio 99, $104,500.

Ripley Twp.

Robert A. Wilcox to Monroe Barnett, 3137 Edwards Road, $19,900.

Robert A. Wilcox to Monroe Barnett, 3157 Edwards Road, $17,100.

Shawn Sanders to Shawn Sanders and Nora B. Simons or survivor, 312 U.S. 224.

Sherman Twp.

Urban J. and Sharon L. Schneider or survivor to Richard E. and Amy T. Russell or survivor, 1814 Ohio 269 South, $225,000.

Townsend Twp.

Michael J. Leimeister to Michael J. Leimeister, trustee, 4797 West Collins Road.

Margaret A. Leimeister to Margaret A. Leimeister, trustee, 4876 West Collins Road.

Gerald F. and Florence E. Beck or survivor to Gerald F. and Florence E. Beck, trustees, 2775 U.S. 20.

Wakeman Twp.

Randall D. and Jamie L. McDavid or survivor to James A. and Karen L. Widdowson, 4216 Hanford Road, $65,600.

David W. and Barbara M. Dalton or survivor to Jonathan P. and Cassondra L. Huff or survivor, 4936 Ogan Road, $125,000.

George J. Pressick to Dolores Pressick, 6047 Auster Road.

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