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Real Estate Transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:43 PM



John A. Fish to Monica R. Leck, 911 Monroe St.

David S. and Shelley M. Claus or survivor to Shane P. Middleswarth, 414 High St., $115,000.

Carl W. Viock, trustee to Michael A. Viock, 738 E. Main St.

Heather Lee Taylor to Jason A. and Holly Jean Laub or survivor, 154 Sinclair St., $73,000.


William T. Swain to David H. and Kimberly A. Stang or survivor, West Street, $24,000.

New London

Frank D. Murr to Colt W. Cooke and Sondra M. Hamilton, 87 Third St., $58,000.


Wesley A. and Mary Preston or survivor to Wesley A. Preston, 38 Rosedale Ave.

Arvin Gibson to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as trustee, 29 E. Washington St., $77,019.

Philip B. and Janeane E. Hopkins or survivor to Mackenzie Vandyne, 51 Christie Ave., $116,000.

Marilyn A. Thomas in care of Marilyn A. Kamm to Marilyn A. Kamm, 27 W. League St.

Billetter Homan & Shaffoe, Inc. to Anne M. and Dan L. Burcaw or survivor, 3 Falcon Crest Drive, $142,000.

Glenna S. Bache, trustee to Jeffrey L. and Janelle E. Dymond or survivor, 39 Amber Way, $236,000.

KMK Estates LLC to Brad L. and Carol A. Mason, 138 N. West St.

Lucky C. and Michelle Hamilton or survivor to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustee, 98 Woodlawn Ave., $43,334.

Tony Brutsche to Michael E. and Cynthia M. Bach or survivor, 4 Manchester Drive, $140,000.

Thomas F. and Janet E. Schafer or survivor to Philip C. Lorcher, 4 Westwind Drive, $167,650.


Village of Plymouth to William Goth, Ohio 61, $10,001.


RTM Operating Company to CNL Net Lease Funding 2003 LLC, 106 E. Walton St., $635,925.

Gene A. and Carol A. Long or survivor to Douglas L. and Marianne Sheppard or survivor, 823 Woodbine St., $86,500.

Melvin and Carol A. Barnett to Gerardo P. and Araceli H. Hernandez or survivor, 107 Washington St., $56,000.

Arnold E. Gillenwater to Aaron A. and Kimberly V. Kilgore, 126 Spring St., $65,000.


Bronson Twp.

Kathryn J. Hauler, trustee in care of Patricia A. Schaffer to M & B Sabo Properties LLC and Patricia A. Schaffer, Hasbrock Road.

Clarksfield Twp.

Helen D. Allen to Duane E. Bremke, 2215 Chenango Road, $125,000. n Fitchville Twp.

Countrytyme Lodi Ltd. to Carla E. McGlothlin, 2540 Crescent Road, $13,500.

Greenfield Twp.

Kimberly A. Davis to Kimberly A. Davis, trustee, 195 Ohio 99.

Thomas and Beverly Mahl or survivor to Thomas F. and Beverly J. Mahl, trustees, 128 Townline Road 26.

Matthew Bittman to Virgil T. and Linda K. Kill or survivor, Holiday Drive, $8,500.

Hartland Twp.

Michael A. Murray to Homesales, Inc. dba Homesales, Inc. of Delaware, 3162 Zenobia Road, $20,000.

Kimberly L. Bussart to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1398 and 1424 Hartland Center Road, $75,000.

Joseph and Nancy Calhoun to Nancy Calhoun, 2577 Hartland Center Road.

New Haven Twp.

Aubrey and Mary J. Hall or survivor to Dennis and Maria C. Jackson or survivor, 3300 Ohio 103, $95,000.

Don E. and Marilyn A. Metzger to Don E., Sr. and Marilyn A. Metzger or survivor, 1900 U.S. 224.

Lance and Lacella Holbrook or survivor to Lacella Holbrook, 2804 Smith St.

Clair H. Buckingham et al to Paul H. and Mary I. Buckingham or survivor, U.S. 224, $25,000.

James B. and Michelle R. McCormack or survivor to Jimmy D. Vanderpool, 1931 Skinner Road, $98,000.

Norwich Twp.

Christopher P. Adams et al to Roger and Randall Donnamiller or survivor, Scottwood Road, $78,000.

Christopher P. Adams et al to Edward A. and Brenda C. Adams or survivor, Scottwood Road, $42,000.

Peru Twp.

Michael P. Sabo, trustee in care of Carolyn Lambert to Kathryn J. Hauler, successor trustee, 1130 Peru Center Road.

Kathryn J. Hauler, successor trustee to M & B Sabo Properties LLC in care of Carolyn Lambert, 1130 Peru Center Road.

Ripley Twp.

Lacella and Lancan Holbrook or survivor to Lacella Holbrook, 4848 New State Road.

Townsend Twp.

Stephen Piper Cronenwett to Robert J. and Marjory E. Rody or survivor, 3990 Medusa Road, $15,000.

Betty H. Griffin, trustee to April Ward or March Gadd, successor trustees, U.S. 20.

April Ward or March Gadd, successor trustees to Jeff A. Mason, U.S. 20, $23,500.

Wakeman Twp.

First National Acceptance Company to Rose Land and Finance Corporation, 4851 Butler Road.

Rose Land and Finance Corporation to Paul K. and Mary Beth Price or survivor, 4851 Butler Road, $127,000.

Seth A. Sabo to Casey M. and Tina L. Rowe or survivor, U.S. 20, $26,000.

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