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REDADERS FORUM - Suicide: What are we doing wrong?

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:58 AM


Can someone please tell me what we are doing wrong as parents and a society that would make our children and our friends' children kill themselves? I, over the past 10 years,have known or experienced a suicide in a family more then six times. There has to be something wrong with the way our world is to make our kids want to give up their lives.

Are we putting too much pressure on them? Are we giving them too many responsibilities? Are we telling them they have to get good grades, they have to play sports, they have to go to collage, they have to be the best? I am 40 years old. You never heard of a suicide when I was growing up. We now have kids taking guns to school and killing their friends and themselves. We have kids taking their own lives because of losing a job, not getting a promotion, a girlfriend/boyfriend breaking up with them. Someone please tell me what we are doing wrong? I have lost a nephew. I went through pain, guilt and anger as an aunt. I can't not even wonder what his mother/father/siblings have gone through mentally. I can only hope that I am a good parent and that I never lose one of my own children to a self-inflicted death. I have had friends that I have grown up with lose daughters and sons. I have had a dear friend lose a son. I want someone to please tell me why these kids are taking their lives? I know of people who have tried to take their lives. Where did life go so wrong that we as a society want to give it up?

I have four beautiful children and as much as they give me a hard time, I would never think to put them through my death at my own hands. I love my life. It may be hard some times, but I love it. I want every person out there to know that suicide is a selfish act; when you take your own life you are selfish. You don't know what it does to the people you leave behind. Our lives are changed forever. We hurt at holidays, we hurt at birthdays and we hurt every day because you chose to end your life. So if you are thinking of taking your own life, seek help. It is out there, it may not be with who you want, but it is there. There is no one or nothing that is worth taking your own life for. Things happen, things change that is life. It is a matter of how strong of a person you want to be. I ask as a parent that if anyone out there has ever thought of  or is thinking about taking their own life call someone talk to them, a family person, a parent, an aunt/ uncle. Even a 1-800 number but call someone. Don't put your family and friends through years and years of pain, suffering and guilt.

I can only hope that this will hit home to someone out there thinking of taking their life.

In memory of Chris A. and Joseph V.N. Thank you.

Rynae Dawson


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