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READERS FORUM - Wakeman has good businesses

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:47 PM

This past weekend was a wonderful one for the Village of Wakeman. Not only did we have gorgeous weather but two of our local businesses were in the spotlight as well. Chris McAuley, our new Nationwide Insurance Agent had an open house to introduce himself to Wakeman and show off his newly remodeled facilities. On the other end of Main Street, Buschur Racing had its Third Annual Mitsubishi vs. Subaru Shootout. Both of these businesses are great examples of what Wakeman has to offer both its residents and prospective businesses. They provide needed services locally and provide jobs. Buschur's alone employs eight full-time people who receive health and retirement benefits.

It's easy to only hear the negative things and sometimes it is only the negative news items we get to hear. I want to point out one of the positive things that occurred this weekend.

My son Edward is a big racing fan, particularly one drag racer from Connecticut. Edward had been waiting for weeks to meet him at the Shootout this past weekend. Unfortunately when we got to the track on Sunday, we were told that he would be unable to make it to the race that day. Disappointed, Edward asked me to take him home before the race was over. That evening at our home, a truck and trailer pulled up in our yard. My son's favorite race car driver showed up late to the race and after finding out about my son, drove out to our house to meet with Edward personally. He presented Edward with an autographed trophy and posed with him for pictures with the car. Words cannot describe how special my son felt that evening.

I firmly believe that for every negative comment that arises about Wakeman or one of its businesses, that there are five positive things that happen that many of us never get to hear about. My family and I are proud members of the Wakeman community and are also proud to be members of the business community here as well.

James A. Morman

Morman Funeral Home


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