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READERS FORUM - School board hopeful responds to online criticism

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:53 PM

I agree 100 percent with Susan Wiles, from Willard (8/23/07), regarding anonymous e-mail comments. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion at a public school board meeting or sign my name to a letter in this forum.

I would like to address a few items I have recently read about myself in the e-mail forum.

1. I want to be fully educated and informed in the workings of a city school board. Therefore, I have paid $60 to attend an Ohio School Board Association Candidate Workshop.

2. There were comments about me having a "hidden agenda" against Bob Duncan. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have stated at every school board meeting since April as well as others in the past four years, including letters to this editor, about being dissatisfied with Duncan as principal.

3. If given the opportunity, would I vote to renew Duncan's contract? After what I have witnessed in the last four years, the answer is no. Does that mean he is not a good husband and father; or that I want to take away his livelihood? Definitely not. I personally feel his talents would be better served in the classroom.

Duncan would not be the first person to go from an administrative position back to the classroom. Athletic/Activities Directors Mike Grose and Ken Broz, plus former principal Dr. Harry Boguszewski all went back to teaching. Is this a bad thing? No. My son will tell you that Grose and Boguszewski were two of his favorite teachers.

Of course, this would never happen without a majority vote from the board.

4. I am interested in the students and staff of Norwalk City Schools in addition to spending my fellow taxpayers' money wisely. I am eager to bring openness, integrity, truthful communication and accountability to the Norwalk school system. If the voters of Norwalk agree that there is a change needed on the school board, then vote for me. If not, then don't. This is the great privilege of living in a democratic society.

Steve Linder

Norwalk school board candidate


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