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READERS FORUM - GOP misguided on war, estate tax

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Republican aspirants for the Republican nomination for president in 2008 had a so-called debate on television Nov. 28. It was a photo opportunity only to hawk their wares and to polish their veneers, and avoided the serious problems facing the people, i.e., the uncontrolled spending federal tax money to increase the national debt to $9 trillion from $5 trillion since 2001 to fight an unprovoked war in Iraq.

Financing this unprovoked war is by U.S. Treasury Bonds. About $2 trillion are held by the Chinese and Japanese governments and citizens. This bond principal, with interest, must be repaid to them a financial burden on all our descendants.

Such massive debt we did not assume in fighting World War II, 1942 to 1946, on two fronts, Germany and Japan, for four years. The military forces comprised 10 million men and women.

Now, also in 2007, a Republican aspirant for Congress promotes his election by saying there is no balanced budget in Washington; that we must get this country back on track by reducing taxes and spending. To do this, he says, we should not renew the "Death Tax," meaning the Federal Estate Tax, a tax on transfer of property at death. This is a tax cut for the extremely rich, perhaps a trillion dollars benefiting about 500 super-rich families. This is an ill-advised tax cut while the U.S. Government has a massive Iraq spending hemorrhage.

Clifford F. Brown

Retired Ohio Supreme Court justice


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