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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:44 PM

Ohio's potential shakedown of the adult entertainment business is nothing but a sham and a squandering of tax payer money. There is a right wing group trying to impose its will on society.

So many rumors fly about what exactly happens in a strip club. Is it drugs? Is it prostitution? A combination of both perhaps? I know that the people behind this bill have never been to a strip club. These girls work hard harder than some of us actually do to bring home money to pay the bills, keep gas in the car and, most importantly, to feed their children.

I can tell you that in no strip club I have been to have I ever been propositioned or offered drugs. Some places actually take the initiative to drug test the girls, and if a girl shows signs of drug use, she cannot work there.

I ask you, doesn't that show accountability? Perhaps a little more so than some of our elected officials. Before nailing down this industry and putting thousands of men and women out of work, the government should investigate the amount of strain this will put on the already overwhelmed economy.

And to the people who are trying to impose their morals on the rest of us, I say strip clubs have walls, you can't see what goes on inside. Therefore, in no way, can you be directly offended by what does go on. So stop wasting the time of our elected officials on trivial issues. This hampers them from examining more important issues facing Ohio, such as unemployment. Wake up people. This concession and usurpation of rights is getting out of hand.

Sean A. Grant


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