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READERS' FORUM - Plymouth-Shiloh voters will come through, support schools

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 AM

I have to admit that I panicked when I heard that a local malcontent had successfully circulated petitions to place several issues on the ballot that would result in the repeal of virtually all the current local funding for the Plymouth Local Schools. My husband and I have lived in this district for 25 years, and despite retiring several years ago, we chose to remain here. However, because of encroaching health problems, we had decided that we would eventually have to sell our home, hopefully not for many years in the future.

However, now facing the possibility that our local schools would cease to exist, I started pushing to sell our home immediately, and even went so far as to look at homes elsewhere, and to spread the word that our house was for sale. All the while, my husband, who had worked for the district four years as high school principal, and 12 years as superintendent, kept reassuring me that he had faith in the people of the district to come through in a crisis, just as they had done so many times when he worked with them to bring the schools through the constant school funding nightmares of the 1990s.

At the very least, I was skeptical until I attended a meeting on the issues held at the high school on Sept. 12. Usually, these meetings are attended by the three or four people in town who do not own a TV. However, on the evening of the meeting, it was standing room only in the very large room. The crowd was extremely positive and supportive of the schools, and basically were there to get information so that they could dispel rumors, help get out the truth, and sign up to work to defeat these ballot issues.

I now realize that my husband's faith in the good people of the Plymouth-Shiloh school district is well placed, and that the voters will come through again to support the schools.

Rebecca Slauson


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