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READER'S FORUM - Alcohol-in-park plan too great a sacrifice

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM

I enjoy going to Berry's restaurant and have for years. I remember Clarence's smile whenever we came through the door and upon leaving there was always a friendly, "have a nice day folks", and always a nice greeting to each person as if each and everyone were special.

I am proud to direct strangers to Berry's whenever I am working uptown and know they will get a nice meal and friendly atmosphere.

With this said, I am not in favor of liquor in the park. "Casual drinking", "a little liquor", as some have said. I don't thinks so, not any more then any other bar in our beautiful town. And if just a little liquor will be sold, it shouldn't make a big difference in profits. Someone having a drink with their meal is fine but not where my grandchildren may be sitting enjoying music or the fountain.

"Help out our Businesses," then let the rest of the bars put tables on the sidewalks, and parking lots. Bluto's, for example, was told to fence in their patio.

I read in the paper that we will be working on a tribute to the Ernsthausens in Bresson Park, which is a great idea. Then when the "casual drinkers" are toasting they can toast one of the greatest men Norwalk has ever known. WWJS What would John say?

Please to everyone who will be involved in this, please think very strongly about what you are giving up so someone can have a casual drink.

Margaret Martin


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