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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Emily Andrews, 20, Norwalk

Immediate family: mother Deb, father Bob, brother Joe

Education: Norwalk High School, 2005. Junior at Kent State University, majoring in journalism.

Occupation: J.H. Routh Packing, seasonal 2 years

What exactly do you do? Fill in when people don't show up

What was your first job? How much were you paid? Gardner's Super Valu bagger, $8 per hour

Most embarrassing moment at work? A cashier asked me to get left-handed paper bags and I went to the back and asked.

What is your dream job? Journalist.

The most challenging part of my job is: working third shift.

Most rewarding? The paychecks.

Most unique habit: I make lists for everything.

Biggest pet peeve? When people don't use their signals.

Biggest guilty pleasure? Singing loudly (alone) in my car.

Most embarrassing part of your CD collection: Cat Stevens.

Favorite childhood memory: Going to Cedar Point because there was so much to do.

Best thing about living in Norwalk? I know where everything is.

Biggest complaint? Not much to do.

What do you like to do when you're not working? Hang out with my friends.

What's been the best car you've ever owned? 1995 Ford Escort (first, still drive)

How do you get off the phone with a telemarketer? Hang up

What do you do for exercise? Go to the rec and go on the elliptical, couple times a week.

What's your favorite recreational/leisure activity and why? Playing tennis because it's fun.

How do you relieve stress? Complain to other people.

Name your favorite place to eat: Chili's.

What's your favorite song and why?: "Visions of Johanna" by Bob Dylan because it makes me happy whenever I hear it.

People would be surprised to know that I: am left handed.

My dream house would have: A porch.

A movie that everyone should see is: "Pan's Labyrinth" because it's magical and intriguing.

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