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PEOPLE AT WORK - Lori Ortner

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 28, 2015 at 3:47 PM

Lori Ortner, 31, Norwalk

Immediate family: Aaron-husband, 32; Douglas-son, 4

Education: 1994 St. Paul High School graduate

Occupation: Co-owner and director of marketing at Liberty Tax Service

What was your first job?: Cashier at K-Mart when I was 16, for $5.15 an hour

Most embarrassing moment at work? Running into things with my Statue of Liberty crown on

What is your dream job? I love what I am doing now

The most challenging part of my job is: Keeping everything running smoothly

Most rewarding?: Talking and meeting with all the wonderful people in Norwalk

Most unique habit: I talk with my hands a lot

Biggest pet peeve? People not following through when they say they'll do something

Biggest guilty pleasure? Sweets

Most embarrassing part of your CD collection: Seal, from the early 90s

Favorite childhood memory: Going on vacation because the whole family was together

Best thing about living in Norwalk? Being close to our extended family

Biggest complaint? Being close to our extended family

What do you like to do when not working? Spending time with my family

What's been the best car you've ever owned? 1994 Cougar XR7

How do you get off the phone with a telemarketer? Hang up

What do you do for exercise? Chase my kids around on a daily basis

What's your favorite recreational activity? Camping. I get to be outside with my family

How do you relieve stress? Long, hot bath

Name your favorite place to eat: The Garden Restaurant in Port Clinton

What's your favorite song and why?: "You're my Best Friend" by John Michael Montgomery

In high school, everyone thought I: Was a goof ball

The best advice I ever got was: Be yourself

My dream house would have: A maid to clean it

A movie or play that everyone should see is "Phantom of the Opera" because: it's wonderful.

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